Sunday, February 12, 2006

Aches and more aches

I swung my tennis racquet for the first time after a half-year hiatus. The 2 hour-plus session was enjoyable, despite the glare of the merciless sun. Shortly after the game, I began to feel lightheaded from sunburn. Sneaky aches began to seep into my right shoulder. My toes hurt immensely because I have a silly knack of ramming them against my shoes. (Mental note to self: Buy new shoes and change the grip of tennis racquet.)

Feeling lethargic, I decided to skip any suggested activities by friends, ranging from clubbing at MOS to a free dinner (because someone suffered a dismal loss at literati, haha!) to coming over to my house to bai nian, opting to laze and rest my exhausted muscles. If anyone would to suggest a foot reflexlogy or massage session then, you bet I would be up and out of the house in no time.

Anyhoo, I armed myself with my book and iPod, holing under the sheets for the night. At some point of time, I fell into slumber. This morning, I woke up achier than ever! Shoulders, back, arms, hamstrings! Drats.

The sign of aging.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

An aging person wouldn't have been fit enough to run 15 rounds on the track!! //sandy

3:26 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

eh my dad is aging but he can run like, 100 rounds around the track...

6:58 PM  

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