Friday, February 10, 2006

There's Something About...

My Asian-American pal, Rebecca once had a conversation with me where we were relating our personal tales of scaling Yosemite's Half Dome. We both agreed the trek was an arduous one. In fact, my 12-hour trek was fraught with hamstring pulls, ankle sprains and jammed-up toes. It was nothing but pain and sheer exhaustion. (The reminder of the suffering lies here.) She mentioned a mutual friend, Alex, who gave up less than halfway along the trek. Although I did not know him very well, my impression of such a guy dipped a few notches.


Somehow, there is something about a guy like that I find extremely unattractive. He does not have the mental stamina or perseverance to endure pain and hardship, need I say more about a long-term committment? Perhaps, this comprises as a factor why I do not find a person who is less fit than me captivating. If I were to be able to experience and comprehend the agony of physical and mental tests, I cannot help but disdain a member of the supposedly physically superior population who cannot do the same.

As such, when my supervisor, who is rather young, uttered his surprise during dinner yesterday when he learnt that I had run 15 rounds on the NUS track the day before, muttering about only being able to complete 4... I can't help but view him in a lesser light. There is something remotely alluring about a person with mental strength, don't you think?


That aside, I began the start of my day with an Honors Year Student springing a surprise visit on me for a consultation despite my countless reminders to "MAKE APPOINTMENTS". Apparently, my words are not worthy of remembering. Is it that hard to type an email to arrange for an appointment?

Sigh. I have 4 Honors Students under me, doing my projects. I am very meticulous about my projects and I want to see them done well. The students are earnest and hardworking, except for one who has disappeared without a trace. But they are so reliant on me, expecting me to attend to each and every detail. I feel spent, really. I had to constantly remind myself to keep my cool while keeping at check my exasperation in the very trivial questions he asked.

It's Friday, though. I shouldn't be griping.

Oh look, it's 10th Feburary.

It is a special day for 2 of my friends. Happy Birthday, my dear Berkeley Neighbor. Happy Birthday, Ga. Getting ancient, eh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


where's my angbao and abalone?


3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think physical endurance needn't be an accurate indicator of emotional endurance/ability to compromise and take shit. esp if u factor in things like weight. /tob

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eh send him abalone then i can eat osso /tob

12:10 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

CH: I sent your ang pow over already...

TOB: You so fat still wanna eat abalone! Diet lah. :P

3:23 AM  

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