Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hollow. Empty. Vacant. Void

Yesterday, a friend was lamenting to me how crummy he was feeling because:

  1. The weekend is approaching and he has no plans.
  2. The every-single-and-available's person nightmare is impending - Valentine's Day.

I could not empathize with (1) because I am someone who is able to amuse myself easily, or keep myself occupied doing nothing, really. I can dream of thousand and one ways to while my time away, a skill I have keenly acquired in the period of living overseas, away from family and friends. I could read a book, tinkle on my piano, walk my dog, jog, doodle on my drawing pad, sleep or just trawl the streets on my own for the weekend. As such, I could not, for the life of me, imagine how someone could have no plans for the weekends.

Valentine's day - a time when all couples are reminded to romance one another. So, a young neighbor of mine was also griping to me yesterday, albeit of a totally disparate matter. He, on the other hand, is bugged by 2 girls to spend Valentine's day with them. He doesn't know who to choose and is exhausted by his choices. That lucky bastard.

Humans are warped. No plans, they fret. Too many plans, they fret too. Aren't they simply hard to please?

Anyway, I told my neighbor that I would probably be jogging around the neighborhood, purposefully striding past lovey-dovey couples and ensuring I flick my perspiration to disrupt their amorous conversations on that fateful day. Muahaha. The bemused neighbor decided he might just do the same thing, adding that he would want to flick his hair vigorously to provide more sweat ammunition. Ah, the evilness of us all.

"How are you feeling today?"
"I'm fine, thank you."
(Except for this inexplicable hollowness within. It is neither terrible nor sad, just an empty feeling, rendering my incapacity to savor and feel.)


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