Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Reality Check - Home Again

Ah, I am back from my favorite getaway - Bangkok, thrown back into the never-ending onslaught of stress and work. The trip was short, but good while it lasted. It was a break that I needed.

Bangkok is filled with pretty people. Three-fifths of the pretty people are gorgeous females with shiny eyeshadows, mascaras and lush lipglosses. The remaining two-fifths are gorgeous males with shiny eyeshadows, mascaras, lush lipglosses and shampoo-ad-worthy tresses. If you were to be a normal male, you will probably enjoy a heyday over there, feasting upon loads and loads of pretty girls and boys. Not only will you have girls fawning over you, you will probably have boys doing the same thing. The thing the city seriously lacks is masculinity.

Interestingly, I think the Thai culture breds the feminine nature, judging from the gentle way they speak and gyrate to their body language, their soft shy mannerisms, etc. I am also consistently amazed by the way the city reaches a comfortable self-balancing equilibrium despite the lack of rules and regulations on the roads. I enjoy walking down the streets filled with a juxtaposition of aromas and odors that seemed vaguely familiar, like a memory from my childhood. Hmm, it is akin to going back into the past, eh? Ah, how I love the city.

Anyhoo, the trip was also peppered with random amusing events. Mostly, they stemmed from the girly men trying to communicate with us in broken English. Candice, armed with her bargaining powers, tried to slash the price by half, inducing one ladyman at Chatchuchak to burst into moans and sighs, dramatically gesturing to his(?) heart. Nooo, Nooo... my heart stop and drop....

One cab driver who looked barely above 13 years old kept trying to egg us into paying him a higher fare. We took turns teasing the poor boy, asking him to guess our age, confounding him amidst our endless giggles. "Actually, she is only 17. Same age as you." "No lah, I am 120. I am a ghost." "No lah, I am only 10 years old." Hilarious shite. We willingly gave him 120 baht for his entertaining antics.

Oh yes, and I think it is actually dangerous to answer a phone call during Thai Massage. When my joker friend announced he was in Bangkok on an impromptu trip, I swore my masseuse was alarmed by my shriek of surprise. Luckily, she was not attemping any difficult Thai body swings or I could have just died from spinal fracture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah lau how come u so eng one! whole day go holiday o_o /tob

3:03 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Eh this is my weekend getaway lor. So rare okay, going USA not holiday okay

4:35 PM  

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