Monday, February 13, 2006

My Parents' Early Valentine

As early as Saturday, my mum was talking about Valentine's day at dinner. At first, she was telling me about a pair of shoes she adored at Robinson's. Then she turned to my Dad abruptly.

Mum: Why don't you buy me a Valentine's Present?
Dad: Har? (Continues to (pretend to) concentrate on his food)
Mum: Valentine's Day coming. I like that shoes. Buy for me lah.
Dad: When did we ever celebrate Valentine?
Mum: That's why. 30 years never celebrate. Now must start.
Dad: Huh.
Mum: 30 years ah... how often you bring me watch movie....
Dad: ....

I usurped my dinner hurriedly and nimbly escaped upstairs before the conversation turned to include me. What's up with my mum and Valentine's Day? Must be because she stopped working lah.

This evening, I returned home to my mum's happy announcement that Dad and she are going for a movie date tonight, one day earlier than Valentine's. That is a cue for me to switch on my computer, do the booking of tickets and collect the tickets from the nearest AXS machine later for them because my Dad has totally lost his skills of courtship.

Men. They just don't do anything much after marriage, do they?

Right. Off to AXS.


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