Monday, February 13, 2006

It's Monday!

Half-awake and trawling through the morning papers at the dining table, my mum suddenly popped her head by the window behind me from her gardening chores.

Mum: Eh, tomorrow Valentine's Day, you know?
Me: So?
Mum: You go where to romantic?
Me: Go school lor.
Mum: School?
Me: No need to work meh? Valentine's Day also not holiday.
Mum: I meant after that lah, at night you know?
Me: Work lah.
Mum: So much work meh?
Me: Hannor. What to do?

Heh. Looks like my mum has nothing to attack further when I utilized work as an excuse. So, I proceeded to devour breakfast, silently smirking at my ability to defend against her ambush, dressed up and strolled up to the bus stop with my dog in tow.

When the bus arrived, Lina cajoled Mister Toto home and I embarked the bus.

Bus Driver: Is that your pet?
Me: Yup.
Bus Driver: Oh, he is so cute! He looks up the bus to see if your mum is on it.
Me: Yeah, because we always bring him to the bus stop to wait for my mum.
Bus Driver: Yah, yah! (Excitedly) He's so clever!

Muhaha. People say my dog clever leh. I always get a kick out of that. It is like my own child is being praised, eh? Forget my complaints about the lousy neighborhood sbs bus service that stops at 8pm. I realized that this is one of the rare SBS service where the drivers recognize me and bother to wait for me, drop me off at non-bus-stop areas when it is raining and even stop the bus to chat with me.

Anyway, I continued my journey to school, reaching in time for a meeting with another student. She was just back from China celebrating the new year and after a short discussion, she took out a packet of sweetmeat she brought from her hometown to thank me for all the assistance I have rendered. Aww. Ain't she sweet? Previously, a student I supervised last year presented me with a gift from Yunnan where he visited. Hmm, it is always nice to be appreciated.

Ah. If that isn't a start of a cheery morning, I don't know what is. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your mum is getting worried. =P You better start compiling a list of excuses or otherwise take some concrete action. -ch

2:26 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

chey, i shall keep using the same excuse. Valid, what...

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tell her u turned les lah. /tob

5:24 PM  

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