Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Careful now...

Sigh. I conclude I have hit a bleak plateau in my research work. Unmotivated and randomly surfing for inspirations, I was easily distracted by the blinking orange msn boxes from friends and family.

Yes, my xiaoyi was online and to deter her from probing anything about my love life, I bugged her for the long-overdue Christmas Lunch photos.

Xiaoyi: How to send?
Me: Click 'SEND FILES" on top.
Xiaoyi: Where got?
Me: ...
Xiaoyi: Don't have.
Me: Okay never mind. You click and drag the file into this box.

(5-minute pause)

Xiaoyi: Ai. Cannot.
Me: ...
Xiaoyi: When I click the file in the folder, I can't see this chatbox.
Me: ... (Thinks: Don't know how to minimize one meh?)
Me: You open both chatbox and folder...
Me: You drag file, don't let go of mouse button...
Me: Slow.. and steady, drag across lah!

(5 minutes passes.)

Xiaoyi: Ai. Cannot.
Me: ... (Repress...urge...to...be...sarcastic...)
Me: Right, right-click on the file. Copy
Me: Come to this chatbox. Clt-V to paste.

I whooped with joy as I saw the first incoming image file. Gosh. It can be quite exasperating communicating instructions, ain't it?

Anyway, xiaoyi continued a slew of family gossips which included my 4th auntie's domestic helper who revealed recently that she is a lesbian. She is in love with another maid and has displayed all the love letters for my 4th auntie to see. (But I bet she doesn't understand a word of Bahasa.) My 4th aunt is worried because she sees her as a threat to her little daughters.

Someone need to tell my 4th auntie the difference between a lesbian and a paedophile.

Tut tut, xiaoyi says. I shouldn't be making fun of such a serious issue. But come on! If I like men, it doesn't mean I will go for 3 year old boys!


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