Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine!

Last evening, I was kind of frustrated with my work stuff. When I reached home, something I received in the mail disturbed me quite badly. I was in a foul mood. However, I put on a happy facade because my parents were going on a Valentine's date. I mulled over some matters in bed for a while before assuming my mum's duty to bring Mister Toto out for his nightly strolls.

The walk emptied my brain a little and I proceeded to finish the James Frey book.

Darn, I thought. I have nothing to read now. Thus, I went on a prowl in the house for something to read. I spotted something new on my brother's bed and since he is in the midst of it, he wouldn't lend it to me. Bah.

I flopped around the house absent-mindedly until my phone rang with an sms. My brother was bugging for his long-overdue birthday treat.

We made our way to Wala's, ordered finger food, beer and a chocolate martini. I listened to his tales of his two-timing ways, he analyzed the stuff I bitched to him very comically. We toasted to his birthday and shook hands when the clock struck twelve to annouce the arrival of Valentine's day.

Passing a florist, I pestered him to buy a stalk of rose for his girl. Which girl? he pondered.


Haha, and yet people pondered upon my skeptism in the male gender.


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