Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love is in the air at NUS

Emily snucked me a SMS this morning to request my visit to her salsa booth at a Valentine Carnival at the Arts Forum. I always enjoy her company because of her tinkling laughter and our talks on the most absurd stuff. I agreed to look for her and da bao lunch.

The whole morning was effectively wasted away chatting on MSN with my lovelorn guy friends who were pouring out their love woes. A few minutes after noon, I weaved my way through a crowd of excited-looking pubescents. The girls were decked in better-than-norm attires, looking uncomfortable and self-conscious. Boys were running around, holding stalks of roses and bouquets of flowers. Love tunes were crooned and silly-looking wings-wearing people were hopping around, ambushing any unfortunate couples, coercing a confession of love of some sorts. I chuckled.

I soon found Emily and we trekked our way through the temptations of stalls to purchase our lunch of chicken chop, laksa and cha soba. Ah, lunch away from the Science Canteen is refreshing indeed. We traded gossips and she let on that she will be having a romantic picnic at some park tonight. Aww.

After bantering for an hour plus, I decided to drag my reluctant butt back to my office.

Back. To. Work. Bah.


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