Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Foodie Post

I made an awful mistake of surfing onto this site. Looking at all the pictures of the delectable dishes is sufficient to make my stomach growl despite the fact that I gobbled an egg (sunny-side-up), a bowl of Maple Pecan Crunch and downed a glass of milk this morning.

Argh. I should check out at least one new place a week. Right. Loof and Timbre last week.

Next up. PS Cafe at Harding Road.

We started throwing out a list of places to explore
  1. Rochester Park
  2. Breeze (Scarlet Hotel)
  3. Little Bali

How exciting. I am kinda thrilled to be as far from the maddening crowd as possible and it is a good thing that these are places which are as remote as you can possibly get in Singapore.

More on the list to come...


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