Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tough luck, Men

My mum started the morning lamenting about a certain uncle's wife who called up to borrow a sum of money. The sum of money was not large, thus causing my raise of eyebrows at their lack of ability to cough up that amount themselves. The family always has monetary issues although I do believe they earn a reasonable amount. How they maintain new car, purchase new clothes and go for holidays is beyond me, particularly when they see the need to borrow that miniscule amount.

My uncle's children, a 19 year-old girl and a 15 year-old boy grew up with me when I was living with my grandmother. In away, they are akin to my own siblings, although I am very much closer to the girl. She works part-time for her pocket money, and sometimes, I do my sisterly part by topping up her EZ-link, taking her out to meals or buying her stuff she wants. If both the parents are not sparing a cent for their children, I am really amazed where their money vaporized to.

And that is why, my readers, one shouldn't have children until he/she is financially and morally responsible. Until you are ready to give up your own luxuries to have one, don't.

Anyhoo, my mum's morning grouses continued about my brother's overrated profession - he is an architect. Apparently, his company is executing a wide-scale paycut and my brother's pay is already miserly, as compared to the amount he invested in pursuing the architecture degree. Each time he is quizzed about marriage, he has a convenient excuse "No money lah."

Poor thing lah, my brother.

Therefore, although my mother let on this morning that the amount my brother contributes to the household is only one-fifth of mine, I was nonchalant. Men have it tough, I guess. They pay for dinners. They save for the engagement ring. They take the midnight cab home after sending their girlfriends.



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