Friday, February 24, 2006

Weird Sport

The other day, I was drinking my pseudo root-beer as I channel-surfed when I stopped at the Winter Olympics Channel. There was a weird sport going on and the participants were seemingly middle aged ladies.

So, apparently, one of the lady would slide this round UFO-looking thingy down a sheet of ice and there will be 2-3 other teammates shuffling madly beside the UFO as it made its way to the bullseye at the end of the lane. And get this....

the teammates all have brooms, where they madly sweep the path in front of the UFO.

My neighbor soon joined in, and was similarly amused.

Neighbor: WHAT THE HELL is this man?
Me: Winter Olympics lah.
Neighbor: HUH. Why the hell are they sweeping the floor?
Me: Wahahahahaa. I have no idea.
Neighbor: I think my office cleaning auntie will win this man.

Wahahaha, so hilarious. So apparently, wide awake at the bewitching hour of 330 a.m., I suddenly remembered the sport while chatting with a friend and went to do some research. There you go, the winter sport is called curling.

Very warped. For once, I am positive this is one sport my mum can beat me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't think the curling folks would appreciate your comments very much. I was very bemused when I first saw it though. -ch

6:13 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Oh dear, I hope none of the curling folks are reading this then. =(

Perhaps the winter people over there might be amused by our sport. Er... like... er... okay I can't think of any warped summer sport.

11:30 AM  

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