Friday, March 03, 2006


Last evening, I put on my jogging shoes for a run on the NUS tracks. At the 10th lap, I was feeling a strange ache at my knees. There was, as usual, the problem of sore toes. I really do need to get my act going and buy some new shoes. By the 15th lap, I was getting sick of the sight of the NUS grandstand. The sun has already set and the grounds were awashed in darkness, with joggers leaving one by one progressively. I was the only singular pathetic idiot, hobbling with achy whatsnot, with an unsound mind urging - Aiyar, already at the 15th lap, my as well round it up to 20 lah.

Despite protests from the body, I continued to finish 20 rounds. For a moment, I felt some satisfaction until the cynical side of me reminded - That is only 8km, my dear, not even near 10km. Freak man, how the hell am I going to run a half marathon at this rate? This is demoralizing.

Drenched in sweat, I suddenly remembered my duty to purchase a housewarming gift for Cheryl this Saturday. Since the rest of the present-sharers are busy with work or sick in bed, the quest for the perfect present fell on me. I wobbled with my accursed knees and toes to Ikea, the land of house-warming gifts, in my sweat-drenched outfit. After several exchanges of phone calls and MMSes of potential gifts, I bought a lamp and a tool box. So yeah, with my throughly-wrecked knees and soon-to-fall-off toenails, I hauled my heavy loot into my arms and wondered how the hell I were to make it back, staring incredulously at the snaking taxi queue.

Fortunately, my Dad called and rescued me from queuing hell. Hooray.

I fell asleep almost instantly the moment I hit my pillow last night. I was thoroughly knackered. When I awoke today, the backwash of yesterday's activities came in full blow. Cramping lower back, blue-black toenails... Grrr.

Oh well, but I am happy. One of my students has completed and displayed to me most of the experiment procedure and we are all set to go on Monday! Hmm, a strange sort of pride. :) *Glows*


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