Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fortuitous Post

After sending my parents to Harborfront, I drove downtown to run some errands and unfortunately got lured into shops for a quick browse. I ended up with a bag and a tube top. Hur. Retail therapy. Yum yum.

Later in the evening, Isabelle sms-ed me to go shopping on Saturday. Doh. I would have much love to go, but I have to restrain my spending after these unnecessary expenditure. Isabelle! You should have told me earlier and I wouldn't have taken a peek at those shops myself at the first place! Now, I have to subscribe to the "See no evil, buy no evil" mantra. I'm sorry, babe.

For a moment just now, I was in the ultimate doldrums because my ipod mini failed to function. I was whining to anybody who would listen, or rather, read (msn mah) until my brother came home. Miraculously, he dabbled around and tweaked stuff, and my mini was suddenly working again. Hooray.

Hokay, Mister Toto is moping around because my parents are away. So, I am off to bed to console the poor little darling.


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