Sunday, February 26, 2006

Freaking Pained and Pissed

Yesterday morning, I began playing tennis at 10am. I continued, non-stop, duelling with different opponents until I felt my fingers stung. I looked at them and saw the skin peeling. They were raw and blistered. Ouch, I thought and waved them a little, as if a draft would offer some pain-killing comfort.

Time-out, I signalled. But the opponent requested "Shall we finished with these balls before stopping?" and I was too polite to decline. So I persisted, but it was kind of hard to grab the racquet properly with those blasted fingers. By the end of it all, I realized I have been playing non-stop for three hours. My skin felt scorched by the hot sun, and my head groggy with the blinding heat.

As I tried to nurse my headache with an afternoon nap, Minghua called to arrange a movie outing. I dragged my exhausted ass to town, only to realize they were catching Final Destination 3 instead of Munich. GRRR!

Man, did the movie suck. The plot was exactly identical to Final Destination 1. The way each of them die is just way too exaggerated and well, graphical just for the sake of shock. Bah. We made our way to Timbre after the movie for some live band music and drinks.

Anyhoo, right now, I am freaking pissed because all the HYP students are freakingly reliant on me. One of them kept sms-ing me for help in her flash web sites. I mean, I know she is still a beginner in the software. But still, it is YOUR PROJECT, shouldn't you try to learn? I am just your advisor, for CHRIST'S SAKE! Oh well, I can't seem to tell them off very well. So, I am just taking the easy route out and doing the work for them. But I can't help feeling freaking pissed.

GRR. Keep away, if you know better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yah! i thought the same way abt FD3 also. plot same.. n they were just out to make everyone die, fast. the way they die also like.. how can everything so qiao one? sucks la. shit


11:26 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

the way they day is like.. all *SPLAT* kind. Cannot say die with the body whole kind if you know what i mean... *puke*

11:09 PM  

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