Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday Friday Friday!

The professor I occasionally lunched with is featured on the Straits Times' Insight section, being labelled as a NMP possibly living in his own ivory tower. Hmm, but I am positively certain that I lamented to him about ERP gantries and the university's extravagant spending over lunch. In fact, each lunch meeting feels like I have a personal MP to complain to. With all these input, I don't think he is living on the ivory tower. Unless, of course I am living on it too. But wait a minute, I additionally convey the stuff my dad and his colleagues grouch about. So yeah, that means you have to put the load of them on the ivory tower too! Cool.

Anyway, there are always amusing things to read or hear on the news, don't you think? Just this other day, I was amazed to read about this guy who was fined for "excessive usage of the reverse gear". Apparently, this joker drove an entire 40-km stretch on a highway, employing his REVERSE GEAR because "That is the ONLY GEAR that would work!".

And this morning, while fetching my mum from marketing, I heard from the radio that a certain scientest discovered a FROG that can SING. So, I imagine a few years down the road, instead of ah peks carrying cages of well-pruned birds to singing competition, we will be seeing plenty of well-scrubbed amphibians. And you think that discovery has no dire consequences?? You are wrong, my friend. That will devastate the language world and completely change the meaning of "Frog in the Throat" or "You sing like a Frog man!" Next time someone throws you that insult, respond with this titbit and thank him for the compliment.

Right. I shall end the Friday post with yet, another amusing conversation with my deluded health-freak father. As I was hungrily gobbling up my dinner last night, my father sat beside me and watch.

I took a sip of my lemon tea.
Dad: Don't drink so much lemon tea.
Me: Orh.

I stabbed at a chicken thigh.
Dad: Don't eat the chicken skin.
Me: Orh.

I dipped my fish in a small dish of chili and soy sauce.
Dad: Don't dip so much soy sauce.
Me: Orh.

As I finished my dinner and brought my dishes in, I caught my Dad scooping chunks of Simply Chocolate icecream from The Daily Scoop.

Dad: ....
Dad: You are a girl ma...
Me: So?
Dad: I am a MAN.
Me: So?
Dad: I have no tummy.

And he whacked his protruding pop belly as if to resonate the sound of irony. My mum chuckled and said,"Your papa is deluded lah".

As a matter of fact, I think alot of men are leh.


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