Sunday, March 26, 2006

Family Day

My brother has won some kind of reward for winning an architecture competition and nicely decided to treat us all to a good meal. We brainstormed the whole Saturday afternoon for a quaint place to please everybody's palates before finally deciding to drive all the way to explore the east.

First, we started at The Stone Grill. Basically, your food is cooked on a slab of hot stone. That's all.

We ordered up quite a feast - Portobello Mushrooms, Ocean's Feast, Carnivore's Feast, Seafood Platter and Prime Cuts.

The food arrived quickly and I was quite flustered trying to prevent my meats from being over-cooked. There were bits of oil sputtering and I had to whip the nearest napkin as a shield. The dinner was supremely short-lived because all of us were concentrating in cooking our foods instead of leisurely waiting to be served. As such, this is NOT the place to go if you are bringing a date and hoping to have a good chat.

After dinner, we took a stroll along East Coast Road where there are plenty to eat - Hakka Yong Tau Fu, Pernankan food aplenty, Laksa and all. Woah, it was nice to stroll in the cool of the night, wowing ourselves with the display of foods. Mmm. I like.

We finally decided to go for dessert at the Hong Kong Cafe at the other end of East Coast Road. Alas, the place was full house and simply brimming with people, thus we subsequently left for Tong Shui at Zion Road instead.

With its bright pink and green walls, the place is hard to miss. We ordered 2 hot desserts, 1 Red Bean Snowy mountain thingy, Mango Pudding thingy and the hugest thickest honeyed buttered Toast.


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