Friday, March 24, 2006


I AM ANGRY. BOILING MAD! GRR. I need to stab something.

The Friday started innocuously enough, although my friend called to cancel her 11 am appointment when I have already bought her lunch. So I drove to deliver the extra lunch to Sandy instead, heading to Suntec City with my mum to run her errands before collecting my tickets for my pending U.S. trip.

At Suntec City, I was unfortunately met with the sign that warned "Sorry! Carpark is Full!" Where do ALL THESE FREAKING CARS come from? My mum instructed me to drop her off at Carrefour before circling round to find an elusive parking lot. Since I have my Stan Getz and Lisa Ono playing, I was cool. I transversed the entire carpark to and fro until I spotted a car pulling out. I signalled and considerately moved more to the front so that the vehicle behind me can proceed.

SO MUCH FOR CONSIDERATION! Instead of proceeding, the stupid vehicle behind me decided it wanted the lot too. In fact, he blocked my entire lot, preventing me from reversing into it. As other cars overtook both of us, he just halted his car at the blocking position as I turned back and signalled to him questioningly. He did nothing but offered blank stares for like 5 minutes. BLOODY HELL, I ABHOR UNCLE AH-BENGS! May the Coffeeshop always run out of Tiger Beer each time you ask for it, stupid conniving uncle! ARGH!

After errands and stuff, a very hungry me had to rush my mum to her next destination as well as for my appointment with my student. In midst of it all, a joker student sms-ed,"YOU NOT AT YOUR OFFICE AH?"

Now, this is the same student whom I have instructed for the past 12323435439085 times to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT with me each time he wants to come to my office. But does he listen? No. I tell him nicely each time - Make an appointment. No. These words are GREEK TO HIM. Making an appointment is just sms-ing or sending a freaking email. How hard can it be? He just pops by as and when he likes, and then feels puzzled when I am not around.

So, finally arriving at my office at 3pm, I noted one of my office table has been occupied with an extra laptop and strewn with papers. Alarmed, I took a second look and realized the joker has just plonked his stuff comfortably at my desk and looked like he has been working at my desk for some time. INVASION OF PRIVATE SPACE. Unwarranted. Boy, am I annoyed.

I attended to the first girl student (who made an appointment) the best I could. After she left, I became very terse with my replies with joker student. He was not helping himself by asking the silliest questions ever. Anyway, I lost my temper someway mid-discussion and I think he was seriously freaked out because he mumbled.

Oh the next time, I will be sure to sms you for an appointment all right?

See? Niceness is no use. People take you for granted when you are nice.

Just like my uncle who called my handphone an hour ago to lament the demise of his 10 year CPU. My relatives used to like to ask my ex for help in any matters regarding computers. Now, our break-up caused a minor commotion in my extended family because their 24/7 computer technician is officially unavailable.

Anyway, I offered the best solution I can to my uncle.

Me: Mmm. I can help you ask around if I know anybody.
Uncle: Huh... can confirm find one a not?
Me: I don't know. I can ask around and see if any of my friends know.
Uncle: Huh... (He seems to want some sort of confirmation.)
Me: Otherwise, you can just bring to one of the shops at Sim Lim.
Uncle: Sim Lim?! Don't want lah
Me: Why not? They have little shops that help restores your PC.
Uncle: Aiyar, own people do better you know.
Me: I can help you ask around, but if there isn't anybody, you just have to bring it to a shop?
Uncle: No la, it's better for you to find a friend who can fix it.
Me: ............

FUCK! So I am supposed to pull someone out of thin air to fix your bloody computer. It is SUCH A CHORE. I will probably be suffering complaints if the job wasn't done well, or enduring the guilt in subjecting any poor friends through it.



Anonymous Toukarin said...

The only advice I can give for tech support is to be nasty (ie. not nice, since you already mentioned that people take niceness for granted).

Cut off all avenues of help so they they bloody learn how to get things fixed on their own instead of relying on some 'guaranteed' form of help just because it's easily available through 'niceness'.

Anyway I think my friend can't help out. He still trying to hit his sales target for this month.

At least your Saturday and Sunday wasn't that bad rite?

1:10 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

oh well, sometimes it's hard when it comes to family.

But hey, thanks.

4:40 PM  

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