Friday, March 24, 2006

V is sexy

As I grew out of my pubescent epoch, I discovered looks is no longer an extremely crucial criteria in my partner. I can be out with an good-looker but be as bored as hell indulging in mono-syllabic conversations? Once, I dated a tall, tanned and rather good-looking (at least to me) guy whom I had a minor crush on, only to have him monopolized the whole conversation talking about wushu and, I kid you NOT, how he is going to freaking inherit a jade sword from his shifu. I felt like I was living in the age of Tang Dynasty, punished by an ego-centric swordsman rattling about nothing but himself.

Consequently, I would enjoy company of people who may not be the best lookers even though very cynical, sardonic and superficial friends would exclaim "Wah lao, so ugly." or make snide remarks on the sly. Humans, especially guys, are naturally superficial. But cliche as it sounds, beauty is only skin-deep. I have also a few girl friends who would particularly sniff for a partner with muscular bod, chiselled looks and whatsnot. Despite my constant reminders, beauty remains a constant fixation in their searches.

Then came along the movie - V for Vendetta - that articulates my sentiments exactly.

V is precisely what I'm talking about. You can't see his freaking face and you must admit his mask isn't the most appealing appearance. But yet, his thinking, his mannerisms, his gentlemanly actions, his beliefs, his confidence, oh and his voice! Gee. Now, that's sexy.

Give me that over a muscular-goodlooking-no-brainer anyday.


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