Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fashion Festival

My JC buddy, Emily and her sister have recently taken up interest in fingernails pampering, sufficiently to actually engage themselves in a course. You know, I am quite a retard regarding this aspect because frankly, I don't see how preening my fingernails can make me look any better. I can't cut my nails proper and I know nuts about the difference between buffing and filing. I will probably be more willing to spend on a pedicure because my toes lead a much less torturous life as compared to my fingers, thus inflicting lesser opportunities for manicure-ruin.

Anyhoo, the ladies needed a subject for their examination and voila! Here I was, the ever-helpful friend. Fine, I do admit I was also looking forward for a free manicure. Little did I expect them to whip up surgical-looking stuff because they were primarily interested in doing acrylic nails on me. Aaack.

Well, truthfully, the 2-3 hour plus session was traumatizing. Firstly, the sound of fingernails filing, especially acrylic ones, is no music to ears. In fact, I could feel a chill run down my spine and little hair standing on their ends. Secondly, it felt rather painful. And trust me, it is totally a pain in the ass to be sitting down and doing absolutely nothing.

Argh. The nice ladies reminded me that I am supposed to keep mum despite the pain during their examination to prevent any points from taken away. Sigh.

Look at the smug face on Amy's face. I tortured them in return by asking them to pose for my (relatively) new camera.

Evening, I adjourned to town to meet Candice for the Nokia-sponsored Calvin Klein Fashion Show. We were ushered to this cocktail reception where the media mingled. As we entered, we were promptly pounced upon by various waiters offering from chocolates to glasses of champange. We stood around with plates of delicacies, observing familiar faces from celebrities to journalists.

After many many dishes of chocolates, we were fortunate enough to meet the Nokia Marketing Manager who ensured we got pretty reasonable seats at the second row. The catwalk strutting stuff were pretty cool, with many ethereal-looking skinny models marching into an explosion of flashlights. Quite an eye-opener, I must say.

The models all looked absolutely fabulous on the stage but if I were to wear those stuff they were wearing, I would probably look nothing less than a clown.

Sigh. Life is unfair.

More pictures here.


Anonymous Toukarin said...

The nails look pretty good though. And it's free.

So balance out lah. Life is overall fair. Haha.

12:43 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Eh, but I am very handicapped by the nails though. So see, life isn't fair.

10:14 AM  

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