Saturday, April 15, 2006

Supremely Jet Lagged

I forced myself to bed last night at 1 a.m., only to find myself abruptly awoken an hour later. Tossing and turning abit, I fell into an unfitful sleep again and woke up to find the clock still trickling its seconds to 4 a.m.

I stared at the ceiling. And I stared somemore. Somehow, I could not fall asleep again.

Like a zombie, I struggled through the seminar sessions with my eyes barely opened . Finally, after lunch, I succumbed to the jet lag monster (No thanks to silly otterboy for cursing me with his jet lag infection. Grr!) and took a short nap.

The social dinner session was possibly the draggiest and suffering one in my life. Not only do I have to endure coercing small talks with strangers, there were a horrifying total of 5 hours of that to tolerate. 1 hour of silly bus-waiting, 2 hours of dinner and 2 hours of musical I have not the stamina to comprehend.

Right even before dinner was served, my eyes were threatening to boycott me. They started stinging like hell and in the 2 last hours of the musical play, I was fighting the urge to take the knife to stab myself. Ugh.

Oh well, right now, I am cosy in my bed. It is really cold outside. Crazy L.A. weather! Yesterday was hot like hell and today it is freezing cold.


Blogger Babe said...

haha..poor thing :P well, now that weekend is here..hope u had great fun catching up w ya frens there!

12:58 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

thanks, dear!

6:24 AM  

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