Friday, April 28, 2006

The Sin of Gluttony

The series of gluttony began one Monday night, when we drove down to Emeryville after dinner only to have all the shops shut at our faces. Feeling rather empty at the lack of avenues to spend my greenbacks, I splurged impulsively on chocolate decadences at Trader Joe's. The truffles were awesome.

The next day was unfortunately, Ben and Jerry's Day. A day where they bestowed upon the world scoops of free Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Howie instigated me to join the queue and so we did. Surprisingly, the line progressed pretty quick and soon, Howie was delighted with his free scoop of Triple Caramel Chunk ice cream cone.

Unsatisfied with his single scoop of ice cream, Howie coaxed me to join the queue once more after his early dinner. I was already satiated with my first ice cream scoop and stolen pieces of Howie's dinner, but a friend has to do what a friend has to. 有难同当嘛. I forced the second scoop of Dublin Mudslide down my throat at alarmingly diminishing marginal utility. Overkill, really. You can't have too much of a good thing, ya' know.

After the free ice-cream binge, I BART-ed down to San Francisco to meet dear Rebecca and Ian whom I haven't seen for almost half a year. Boy, am I glad to see them again! After hugs and greetings, we sauntered down in the pleasurable weather to a Vietnamese place for dinner. I finished a bowl of beef noodles although I wasn't feeling hungry at all.

We adjourned down to a dodgy-looking pub which served surprisingly good lychee martinis. We gossiped, laughed and rambled over drinks. I must say the white chocolate martinis were quite a blast too. Oh, how I miss those times.

I returned to Shuling's room where she mentioned she couldn't finish her room service order of pork chops. I lifted the silver tray and proceeded to cut up the pieces of pork, although I am never a fan of the type of meat. Unastonishingly, I finished up the entire pork chop and proceeded on with an entire chunk of carrot. I was about to wipe off the mashed potato when Shuling emerged from the bathroom and screamed "CAN YOU STOP EATING???".

Thank goodness for friends. Really.

Wednesday evening was spent hurriedly shopping around with Shuling in Union Square at San Francisco. She made an appointment with her colleague at The Cheesecake Factory, shortening her shopping hours available. The wait for a table was dreary. We stood around, sharing pictures on our digital cameras, making distracted small talks as I watched platters of food go by. I haven't eaten a proper the entire day and it was almost 9pm!

When we FINALLY got a table at the balcony, the portable heater was rather insufficient in keeping us warm. The wait for our orders was another further 20 minutes, so we spent time fidgeting with our cameras.

Finally, our orders were served and I hungrily tucked into my delectable chicken madeira. We ordered 2 cheesecakes for dessert and the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake was awfully, awfully sinful. Lookie, how distressed my friend is, thinking about her prospective calories.

Now, I am back in Berkeley and I have just gobbled down another chocolate truffle. More gluttony sins tonight. Man, my jeans are getting tight. Not a good sign at all.


Blogger yian said...

wow, you have a big appetite! But, don't worry, you still look good in all the pictures ;) You will lose all the pounds when u head back to Singapore :)

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've been bingeing LOADS too. just yesterday, i had ice-cream for the n-th time this week. bah!

tell u what, instead of eating & shopping for the upcoming HK trip, maybe we can do away the eating part and concentrate only on shopping. HAHAHA - musette

11:41 AM  

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