Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Uh oh

As I was checking my work emails this morning, I found a meticulously written email by a certain Rao Karkala. Thinking it was probably spam (although the university's filters are so efficient I seldom get spammed), I clicked on it to reveal a full-length detailed account of how a certain professor in the faculty of engineering has committed certain misdeeds.

Uh-oh. I sensed a news storm brewing. The mail probably got sent to the entire university staff? I am not sure.

However, having been threatened myself personally (someone actually wanted to send malicious emails to colleagues, friends and family just because I declined to meet up), I am wondering the truth of the situation.

Ordinarily, I would admit my immediate distaste and bias to the professor after reading the email. Now, after my personal experience, I subscribe to the mantra - Innocent till proven Guilty.

But well, we all know how cruel the rest of the world can be.


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