Tuesday, June 06, 2006


When I was walking back from the BART station in Berkeley, I often passed a huge billboard which printed just the date "06.06.06" and stated along the line of "It's coming." I remember standing at the traffic junction, patiently waiting for my green man to materialize and listening to conversations between pedestrians pondering upon the seemingly ominous significance of the date.

Well, today is the day!

I wonder if it is the end of the world? Hmm. Maybe I should stay home for the day. (Am I full of excuses or what? Ha ha)

Anyway, being the curious cat I am, I went to google the significance of the date. I will not, however, be able to discover what that billboard was trying to portray. Perhaps those who are in Berkeley can help me decipher. It is the billboard above the MacDonalds at Shattuck.

The results of my googlation illustrated that the horror show "THE OMEN" will be released on this fateful day.

Well, the last time I was discussing horror movies with my professor, he revealed that The Omen was possibly the scariest movie he ever watched in his life. Mmm, I gotta find out if the movie is really that horrifying or if he is just a plain scaredy cat. Tee hee.


Blogger yian said...

I am and will never be a fan of horro movies :p But, my fiance, being a horror fan himself, said the same thing as your professor did :S

1:05 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

REALLY! HA HA HA! That just makes me want to watch it EVEN MORE!


1:09 PM  
Anonymous Toukarin said...

Sounds like you're very game about scaring yourself out.... hmmmm.

Then again, I guess the adrenalin rush drives you rite? =P

5:53 PM  
Blogger manniqueen said...

watch it! both the new one as well as the original one!

i watched "the omen" when i was a kid and totally digged it. scary shit but it was one of my favourite horror flick as a child.

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Catherine said...

hey serious ah?! my friend was suggesting to watch cars or the omen later but i was quite hesitant on catching the omen since the review on papers only gave it two stars! wahh.. now i wanna watch it for myself.. hee :)

7:47 AM  

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