Monday, June 19, 2006

Trigger Happy on Dad's Birthday

Have I ever revealed the one thing I love about my Dad?

Psst... It is the fact that he was born on 17th of June. Very often, this date means it coincides with the Father's Day celebration.

That, my friend, means my brother and I are saved from a heck of a headache, grinding our overworked brains in thinking up gift ideas. Basically, we only need to combine Dad's Birthday and Father's Day in one big celebration annually. Woohoo! Are we lucky or what? (Of course, there are luckier people like Sandy, whose parents' birthdays fall near Mother's day and Father's day correspondingly. That lucky dudette.)

Anyhoo, we are quite a family of gluttons. We celebrate each birthday, gorging ourselves silly, over-ordering each. single. time. We never learn. It is in our blood. We just keep eating. Gee.

This time, it is Thai Cuisine. Say Sawadeeka to new flabs!

Some before-damage-was-done pictures. If you observe carefully, perhaps you can see us all much chubbier in the after-damage-was-done pictures. Hmm.

The service was quite swift at Lemongrass. The food arrived in less than 10 minutes.

Burp. The food was gone in less than half an hour. We decided to sit around and play with the camera.

A customary family portrait...

My mum, who was ever insistent on mastering my camera (to no avail), wanted to take a picture of my brother and me. Oo, just look at her masterpiece.

Very nice, mum - we scorned. My brother patiently took the camera from her hands to demonstrate, secretly taking a snap at my mother who was curiously looking. Here is a picture of her looking like a sheepish Miss Lala, courtesy of my brother.

My brother stifled a snigger as my never-say-die mother grabbed the camera to try again.

Wah lao, I said. Give up already lah. I took the camera from my mum's hands and gave a step-by-step demonstration, capturing a shot of my mum who was obstinately persisting in her attempts.

Classic shot sia. Doesn't the picture say a thousand words? Nah, basically, it just says "Hmpf, let me show you my power."

Unbeknownst to her, both my brother and I were snickering evilly, comparing whose shot of mummy dearest was more hilarious. Children. Tsk. They can be so evil, can't they?

But hey, practice makes perfect.

Finally, a stable shot.

Hooray for Mummy.

Since there were no worthy World Cup matches to catch tonight, we lounged around lazily, before finally deciding to head home. Just when they thought they were safe from my camera, I took candid shots of individuals in the lift.

Bo bian lah. The lift in Heeren was too slow. I was bored.

Happy Belated Birthday, Dad. :)


Blogger musette said...

HIAK HIAK HIAK. Your entry had me in stitches, once again. =P

11:38 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Free entertainment hor. Next time you better entertain me.

5:02 PM  

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