Sunday, July 02, 2006

Germany! And the Night of Upsets

**Friday: Germany vs. Argentina**

I made plans with the girls to catch the ultimate match of World Cup between the two arguably strongest teams in the competition. I met up with Candice to do some shopping at Zara (Sale, you know), before Sandy joined us for dinner at Cedele Depot.

As we made our way to Indochine Orchard to catch the match, I was unpleasantly surprised when the bouncer told me the place is packed to the brim. Previously, I watched the opening match of Germany vs. Costa Rica and there was nary a soul in sight. During that fateful night, we were blessed with the most comfortable seats in the house, right in front of the screen, getting all comfortable with our drinks. I was hoping to relive the same bliss, but was unexpectedly thwarted.

Panic seeped in. It was 10.30 pm. Half hour more to the start of the match.

Three of us started to throw out ideas randomly.

I drove madly to Timbre, where we were last Friday for the Spain vs. Saudi Arabia match. Unfortunately, it was full house too.


"Let's go to Robertson Quay! Some of my colleagues are there!" Candice suggested.

And towards Mohammed Sultan we head, right smack into massive jam-packed roads. ARGH! For some reason, everyone else in the world thinks this is the best match to catch outdoors too. The road conditions were chaotic and parking was full. I looked at the clock. Half hour into the first-half already.


Having no other choices, I wriggled my car out from the jams and headed back home. We managed to get the second-half with my brother and his friends at home instead. The match was very exciting. Just when I thought my beloved Germany has lost the game, Klose emerged with an equalizer. Woohoo!

The penalty shoot-out had me tittering at the very edge of the seats.

But all ended well and Germany won!


I lost 10 bucks when they drew at full-time. Heh.

**Saturday: England vs. Portugal, Bravil vs. France**
After the surprising full-house phenomenon at every other pubs in Singapore on Friday, I was glad I organized the 2nd Soccer Party to watch these matches at home. I had quite a busy day, fielding calls and sms-es on who could come and who could not. Tsk, tsk. I hate organizing.

My apologies to those who waited for me to come home from dinner and groceries-purchasing at Holland Village. Heh. I hope you all didn't stand at the gate for too long. :P

So, England vs. Portugal! One of the most boring matches ever. Yawn.

Thank god for our own entertainment, the splendid array of guilt-inducing food, and our very own Hokkien commentators - Lloyd and Dragon.

Anyway, although I had my money on Portugal to win, I must admit they SUCK big-time. England had only 10 men, with Rooney sent off for being a brat (Hmm, dejavu. Didn't brat Beckham commit the same sin against Argentina?). Yet, Portugal failed to utilize this advantage.

England is overhyped, yes, it is. Still, some credit must be given for fighting 11 men well enough into the penalties.

Oh well, penalties. A cruel way to decide fate.

Well, so some guests left after the first match, leaving a few strayed ones to fight the sleep monster. We played card games and finger guessing, filing silly little forfeits for punishment.

Here is Dragon, drinking sake while balancing a box on his head.

Then, it is Cynthia, frowning at being manhandled.

Besides games, we endured Dragon's analysis about women's perspective on love.

Do observe that Lloyd has already succumbed to the sleeping bug, concussed on the cold floor. Curiously, he was able to rouse himself up every now and then whenever he heard bad stuff spoken about him.

Behind our smiles, we were actually very tortured by his ramblings. :P

Anyway, the upset of the year: France beat Brazil again! Now, isn't that too many dejavus in a day? Henry's goal was quite spectacular, really.

What a day for the underdogs!

Now, for the next most exciting match: Germany vs. Italy. Ho ho ho.

Meanwhile, do send your love to the lovable sheep-maker, Catherine. It was her birthday on 1st July. May all your wishes come true, dear!


Blogger amos said...

Down with Germany! Germany gonna lose woo hoo! :D

8:50 PM  
Anonymous the #1 Azzurri fan said...

France did an upset? Hmm... pls, pls... Brazil is like THE most overhyped team, together with England. Was I glad to see both packing their bags for home the same night! Double joy man!!!

Let me do an analysis. Brazil had an easy route to the round of 16. Against Croatia, the latter was unlucky not to get an equalizer. Did I mention they only scrapped past 1-0 against the plucky Croatians? Next, against the Aussies, they had to have a late goal to convincingly kill off the match. Don't even wanna mention Japan coz the Japs took the lead first. In truth, Australia and Japan are not in the same class as the self-proclaimed Samba Kings.

Round of 16 - Brazil was severely tested by Ghana, first time into the WC finals. If Ghana had been more clinical in front of goal, and if their 2 key players played, ho ho... I'm sure Brazil wouldn't have made it into the Q-finals.

I must admit France wasn't impressive till this cruncher. I believe the coach must have been spending heaps of time plotting against the Brazilians and well, did they play the match of their lives! The Brazilians looked over-confident when they took to the field, as if it's gonna be a walk in the grassy park. What can 6 shots and only 1 on target tell you about these samba clowns? Viva La France!

I was secretly hoping Italy will meet Brazil in the Finals so that the Azzurri can kick their asses big time and avenge the defeat of USA '94 through penalties in the Finals. A waste indeed.

Oh well, exorcising the ghost of the Euro 2000 Finals against France is the consolation I hope to get. Remember how the French scored 2 late, late goals through Wiltord and Trezeguet when the Cup was almost Italy's?

Now, now... will have to get past home favourites Germany in the semis to have my dreams realized.

Forza Azzurri!

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Catherine said...

awww... thanks so much.. that was so sweet! :) *tears*

4:06 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

amos: Wait and see lor..

#1: You really analyze alot ah, you should just get your own blog and do all the analysis there lah.

cat: Hee don't cry dont cry! One year only marr. I will always be more ancient mar. :P

11:12 AM  

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