Monday, June 26, 2006

I Am Trying To Recall

I think I am kinda ageing and my brain is slowly filtering information from my overloaded capacity. Sometimes, I can't quite remember what I did the day before. Hmm. Temporary lapses of amnesia. Don't borrow money from me ah. Later I cannot remember okay.

After the dinner at Lemongrass last Monday, I arrived home to realize my Dad has purchased loads of durians. Feeling satiated from all the Thai food, I still managed to jam a few seeds of the creamy delicacy down my throat while watching hunks scuttling around for a ball.

Tuesday evening was spent playing tennis with Clarence and his friend at PGP. The session lasted 3 hours and by the end of it, I was thoroughly spent and suffering from aching muscles I didn't even know existed.

On Wednesday, my xiaoyi called me up to arrange a dinner with my cousin, Michelle because the latter was supposed to go for an operation to remove a growth from her neck. Since she won't be able to consume good foor a some time after the operation, she was entitled to a good meal at whatever restaurant she wanted. Yet, she chose Spagheddies. Ew.

I don't quite like Spagheddies' pasta. Bleah.

The jovial girl before her operation, and my xiaoyi

We made jokes regarding how Michelle should refrain from coughing and sneezing after her operation in case blood started spurting out from her stitches. Very morbid, I know.

On Thursday, I met up with my university pals to visit the rather newly minted La Strada Pizzeria and Ristorante opened by the Les Amies group which operates a chain of fine-dining restaurants. Utilizing the 1-for-1 pizza voucher my Daddy bestowed me, we ordered a Hawaiian Pizza and a Seafood pizza. Mmm, the pizzas were pure gastronomical indulgences! The Seafood pizza was generous in toppings of scallops, prawns and squids. I like the ever-popular Hawaiian too. We ordered the dessert pizza of Belgian Chocolate and Banana, and boy, was it good! The waiters were very meticulous and I think they are the same ones who were trained to serve in The Canteen which was shut down to make way for this Pizzeria. Although the customers were rather high-browed, I think we got a very value-for-money meal, thanks to Daddy's voucher. The total came up to only about 11 buckeroos per person. When I get the photographs from my friend, I will post the pizza pictures to make you all salivate. Muhahaha.

I called my Dad to pick me up after the tantalizing meal...

Dad:I buying durian leh.
Me: Not again!?!
Dad: Mummy wants to eat.
Me: Oh, okay.

Soon after, my mum called.

Me: Papa buying durians.
Mum: Again?!
Me: He says you want to eat one.
Mum: Where got?!

Subsequently, my dad picked me up.

Me: Mummy said she didn't request for durians.
Dad: Oh, must be kor kor.
Me: ..

Back home, my brother and his pal were awaiting the start of a World Cup match when my dad announced the arrival of prickly fruits.

Bro: Durians again?!
Me: I thought you want to eat, then Papa buy.
Bro: Where got?!

Right, so, the blame-shifting on the elusive one-who-wants-to-eat-durians. I highly suspect it is my Dad himself who wants to gorge himself silly with the fruit but is guilty about the high-cholestral content. Bah.

Friday evening was spent visiting my poor cousin post-operation, after my very satisfying home-cooked dinner of delightful chilli crabs (Mopping the gravy with home-baked mantous is the perfect gluttony luxury.. ahh..).

Poor baby. She kept puking despite not having eaten anything. I have no idea what she was vomitting, perhaps gastric juices? She spoke in whispers, which is quite a miracle, considering her usual loud, brash, ah-lian mannerisms. Hee hee. I hung around to help until the doctor came and helped her settle into sleep.

Finally, I left to join my friends at Timbre where we caught Spain vs Saudi Arabia Match. It was quite a bore. Zzz.

The Girls

The Boys

The Band

Oo, I like the Timbre band on Friday. They played the Rock hits and got me listening to my U2 and Goo Goo Doll tracks on my iPod Mini once more. Oh, and it seemed like a massive gathering of NJCians of 1997 in Timbre on that particular night. It is rather surreal, witnessing the transformations in people.

Saturday afternoon was spent playing games at Settlers Cafe with otterboy and his friends. I forgot to bring a camera, which is an utter waste, because the funny poses and sculpted plasticine from the game Cranium would make perfect comedic illustrations.

After the games, I decided to go home for a run. Too much food in a week, I must say. Completing approximately 8-km, I arrived home to watch Germany thrashed the poor Swedes. No more Fredick Ljunberg! :(

I awoke early Sunday morning to bring Mister Toto to Sentosa with my mum and Lina. We were having fun until the dark clouds arrived and it started pouring madly. Sheesh!

The rain finally stopped during the late afternoon, so I decided to accept a friend's invitation to cycle at East Coast.

We cycled leisurely, happily oblivious to the time ticking away. When Candice suddenly announced we had about 20 minutes to cycle back to the kiosk, panic mode sunk in and we both cycled like women gone berserk.

After shopping and food, the weekend was almost gone.

Oh, and I can't quite feel my legs.


Blogger amos said...

Hey! My friends asked me to settlers on sat too! But it's the one at clarke quay haha. And you go cycling bo jio?!

2:35 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

eh Clarke Quay? Yeah! I was there! hahaha. Should go ma.. then i can see who u are

9:39 AM  

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