Saturday, July 08, 2006


This morning, I woke up, sleepy-eyed and headed towards the kitchen, straight for the refrigerator for some milk, right smack into a familiar children's tale.

Instructions by Mum read:

Yee Lin (That is me)/ Ah Yong (That is my brother)
Microwave the curry and cover with plate for 20-30 seconds.
(1) Blue bowl for Ah Kong
(2) Small bowl for Y.L.
(3) Big bowl for Ah Yong

Mmm. Interesting. So I scavenged around for curries.

Wala! Small bowl of curry for baby bear (That is me!) Medium bowl of curry for mother bear (Which turns out to be for Ah Kong aka Grandfather). Huge-ass bowl ofcurry for papa bear (But here it is for my brother).

How come my bowl of curry so small! See lah, my mother is biased.

Ah, I feel like Goldilocks.


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