Saturday, July 22, 2006

Jimmy, My New Drummer Xiaodi

My drums class comprises of people from a variety of ages, with the youngest being two boys of age 14 years and the eldest being a Spanish woman in her late thirties.

The two boys play the drums really well and they are often seen giving each other mischievous glints of the eyes and cheeky smiles. Boys, what do you expect?

Today, however, one of the boys was home sick, leaving the other, Jimmy, to fend for himself. As he opened the door to let us (older) ladies into the studio, one of us ladies chirped "Oh, you know the rule - ladies, first."

Jimmy gave a cheeky grin and replied,"Of course. I'm a man!"

As I made my way to an available drum set, Jimmy waved me in and settled beside me. During the lesson, he would occasionally glance over and made bored faces at me. 'What's your name ah?' he questioned and I answered dutifully.

After the lesson ended, Jimmy whipped up his handphone and showed me what he has typed. "Eileen Jiejie" the screen read.

Me: Eh, spell wrongly lah.
He: Is it?
Me: Yah, mine not Christian name.
He: Oh, you correct it lah. Then you type your handphone number in as well.
Me: Wah lao. You 14 year old you wanna pick older girls up, you must use less lame excuse what.
He: What. Where got?

So I keyed in my number, he expertly snatched my phone and called to ensure I provided the correct number. Woah, experienced player, eh.

He: So where you going now?
Me: I going shopping.
He: Can follow you a not?
Me: Wah, your friend not here, you very bored is it.
He: Yah.
Me: No Girlfriend meh?
He: Got lah.
Me: Then?
He: I see until sian.
He: You leh. Got Boyfriend a not?
Me: Don't have leh.
He: Why? Why no boyfriend???

So the interrogation went on and I decided to just leave him alone to try on some clothes. 'Eh like that I go off first lor," he uttered rather despondently. However, after a while, my handphone sounded with a SMS.

'U my jiejie. byebye. take care. have fun shopping k muackssss.'

Aiyoh. What a sweet little boy. I sms-ed him to come back so I can treat him to a meal.

Over a Mos Burger meal, I had a good time laughing at his stories. It got particularly amusing when I was to get up to take an extra spoon.

He: Let me do it. I AM A MAN. You sit.

I almost died guffawing.

What made it even more amusing was the fact that he was dishing out brotherly advice.

He: Eh, tell you. Next time play drums don't wear skirt.
Me: Huh, I am not wearing skirt today what.
He: You wear skirt, open legs step snare drums and cymbals, everything can see.
Me: I am not wearing skirt today!
He: Yah, I know. That time lah.

I think the last time I wore a skirt to drums was one month ago.

Me: Wah eh, you perverted! You looking up my skirt right!
He: No lah. Where got? Nothing to see also.

What is the world becoming to! 14 year olds... Woah.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of my newly minted xiaodi.

As I made my way home on the bus, he plied me with many sms-es. He even called to check where I was.

Amazing. He will grow up to break all girls' hearts man.


Anonymous Toukarin said...

Arghz. I hate such kids. Coupled with the photo, it just reminds me of the sick guys in my school when I was 14.

Nowadays it seems that being a twit is the norm for kids. Especially with the typing of sms-es like his. Won't be surprised if his friendster profile is similar to this example reported here.

It's also a reason why I think the next few generation of kids will degrade our society like how it degraded Japan (at least for Tokyo). The horrors of becoming a developed country.

2:36 AM  
Anonymous yq said...

wahahha he hitting on you or you hitting on him? lol

anyway tt was so cute la. hehe

3:04 AM  
Anonymous Catherine said...

wah! u can click with everyone! hahahaa.. eh not awkward meh? but seems like u both had fun anyway... 14 yrs old lor.. haha i am so ancient!!!


4:56 AM  
Anonymous liwei said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!

8:37 PM  
Blogger manniqueen said...

Happy Belated Birthday, girl!!!


btw, where do you learn drums from? i used to but had no time (nor drumset at home) to practice. sad sial!

5:24 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

manniqueen: I have no drum sets to practise too... hmm. I learnt it at yamaha. $63 for 4 lessons per month

5:31 PM  

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