Monday, July 17, 2006

Out of Shape

My throat hurts. My feet hurts.

Ah, the fatigue.

So, Sandy and I went to participate in Singapore's first Women-only run at Marina Promenade, organized by Shape Magazine. Sandy sensibly participated in the 5km run, while I stupidly signed up for the 10-km run. I noted that whatever race I am in, I would always be in the minority. During the San Jose Marathon with the Berkeley people, I was one of the rare few that took part in the 5-km run. This time, the 10-km runners were the minority. Sheesh. A display of my jinxedness, eh?

I separated from Sandy to join the 700 10-km runners who have to be flagged off first. I usually run in the cool of the night, so the glare of the merciless 8 am sun was really a pain in the ass. Nevertheless, the first 4km were tolerable.

At the 7km-mark, my stitch worsened and my knees started acting up. Bah, I started striding instead. :(

And as we all know, once you start striding, the momentum is broken and the tendency to stride will prevail more than ever. Ditto.

I am weak. Sigh.

Anyway, my timing was a miserable 1 Hour 10 Minutes. So much for hitting under the hour mark.

After the race

I wonder if the wine-guzzling the night before had anything to do with the poor performance. (Ha, ha, excuses.)

After shopping at Bugis, we trawled the way back to Boat Quay and subsequently ended up at a very nice, quaint wine place. We had 2 bottles of wine, a cheese platter and some nachos, before trying hard to obey the rule to go to bed before midnight for the race on Sunday. (Obviously, we failed. I went to bed at 1 am.)

Oh, oh! I met Catherine briefly at Bugis and I had a nice time catching up, although it was a tad short. I wish you all the best in your career!

Friday night was reserved for Emmie, the birthday babe of the day. She was supposed to curb my shopping but my shopping prowess was too overpowering, she ended up buying a storm as well. Ha ha ha. No girl can resist my persuasive shopping powers, sadly.

We had dinner and an excellent time catching up over some Jazz at Intercontinental.

Happy Birthday, Girl, once again. :)


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