Friday, July 21, 2006


Ugh. I woke up today with a heavy head, stuffed nose and lots of phlegm in my throat. Darn, just when I thought I was getting better. :(

It sucks to go out with friends, see an array of fabulous food and not feel the slightest inclination to gobble them up. As my friends should know, food is one form of life's pleasure I would not live without. Thus, looking at gastronomical delights without feeling hungry is very disturbing for me indeed.

The lack of appetite materialized a few days ago, when my throat was inflamed. All I had were a combination of depressing food like eeky porridge.

Even at the movies, I had no cravings for the range of snacks available. 2 days ago, Lloyd purchased cheap movie tickets for us from his JP Morgan company and we got to catch Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest for a mere SGD4 each. Sandy and I were supposed to share a ham and cheese sandwich but I happily surrendered my share. I just had no appetite.

Thankfully, one thing during the movies was appetizing.

Ah, Johnny Depp. The only Hollywood actor around that mildly interests me.

After the movie, I was obligated by my mother's instructions to check out her boss's son's new Latin Bar called Fuego. It is located at No. 5 Gemmill Lane, off Club Street. The invitation card looked mighty spiffy so I thought I would bring the lot of my friends down to check the place out. Gerald, the co-owner of the place, was nice enough to welcome us with a free bottle of champagne (which I didn't really drink much of.) Sandy, had quite a few glasses of champagne and began to get rather light-headed.

Overall, it can be quite a quaint place to chill out, with Latin sounds. A nice change from the usual hip-hop, rock, house music they usually play in clubs.

For some reason, Cynthia got into a mood for dancing and cajoled us to head down to Zouk. Zouk! On a Wednesday?! That's for kids lah. How many donkey years ago since we attended Mambo?

Despite our feeble protests, 6 of us squashed into the car and headed for the club, only to witness throngs of people huddling outside. The horrors. No queues please, I requested. We decided to detour and head to Butterfactory instead. It was Ladies' Night. Woo hoo. I really tried hard to soak up the atmosphere but inside my head, a sensible voice is weakly straining the last of its voice for me to go home and head to bed.


Late yesterday afternoon, I kept my promise and accompanied WF to JB to buy a pair of new spectacles, although I wasn't recovered fully still. He very generously treated me to a splendid spread of seafood for dinner, of which, again, I haven't much appetite. Very clever hor. Next time you wanna treat people, go JB. Cheaper.

Look at the food we ordered...

Look at the mess he created...

As the bus took us back to Bugis in Singapore, I adjourned to meet Lloyd and Cynthia at Bala's. Another late night. Not very healthy.

I wish my damn nose will unstuck.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm... and you wonder why you're not recovering... -CH

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Toukarin said...

You freaking happening lor. Even when you're sick.

Makes me wonder how come my weekend is becoming more and more boring...

1:23 AM  
Anonymous cs said...

Did you stay till the end credits ended? Like in Part 1, it had a short sneak preview of Part 2 remember? The same for this one.

Party less and rest more at home. Maybe your mum prefers you to be ill more often. ha

3:52 AM  

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