Monday, August 07, 2006

The Problem with Me

I can't lie to save my ass.

My friends should know me as someone who can't lie for nuts. I can't lie and I always speak my mind. I can't be bothered to do things I don't see a point with. That is going to get me into loads of trouble with life. Sigh.

This morning, I had a seminar which was discussing a certain seminar topic. I do not have deep comprehension of the topic and was sitting in just to get some inspiration for my research. At the end of the seminar, the professor started pointing at each of the audience and asking 'Do you have a question?'

Now, some people did have genuine questions to ask. They either really did not know much about the certain details, or they had something intelligent to inquire. Others, however, just asked questions because they felt that they were expected to, in order to show they were paying attention. I can see people really squeezing their brains and then asking really lame questions.

Unfortunately, I do not have deep understanding of the topic. I do not feel that I have anything intelligent to add. Further, I do not have any problem regarding the methodology because I felt I understood it. Hence, I see no point in asking any questions. When it was my turn...

Professor: So, do you have any questions?
Me: Hmm. No.
Professor: Wow you mean you understood everything?
Me: Uh no. On the contrary, it just means I do not have deep comprehension enough of the topic to have anything intelligent to add.
Professor: Har???

Hmm. I don't think my Professor was very impressed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No. That is not a problem unless you perceive it to be! There is always a thin line between lying and "repackaging". The latter involves re-shaping a person's perception of things... ~Sam

9:39 AM  

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