Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Toto's Meme

It is hard to say 'no' to an invitation from a fellow handsome canine, especially one which is showing love, gay or not. Henceforth, Mister Toto decides to make a special appearance today, with a meme containing all the serendipitous facts about him. Ta dah.

I am that dog who was born in Australia and bought by a rich brat who exported me to this sunny island of Singapore. I was named Toto and brought to live in a huge mansion. But, there wasn't anybody who gave me much love. 7 months I spent, being leashed in the garden, imprisoning my longing to run freely and play.

One day, the aunt of my seldom-present master brought me to a much smaller house. That was when I first met my new mistress, Y. Apparently, Y's mother, the formidable Mummy Alice who is constantly against Y's lifelong wish of having a dog, was away on a holiday. As such, she was not present to deny me as a gift. How lucky! *Chuckles* Imagine her exasperation when she returned from a holiday only to realize me, a semi-huge canine, lolling my tongue happily at her.

On the first night Mummy Alice returned, she refused to let me enter the house. I was lonely and frightened, sticking my head through the gates and whining continuously. I only stopped when I saw Y. As such, Y had no choice but to curl and sleep at the main door to comfort me. When Mummy Alice woke up to see the pathetic sight of her daughter sleeping on the cold hard marble floor next to the dog, her heart softened and she allowed me into the house. Whee. Our 苦肉计 worked!

Subsequently, I integrated well into the family, working my cuteness factor so that I am even permitted on sofas and beds. Mummy Alice loves me loads, bringing me for walks every night. Y's Daddy revealed his soft side with my appearance when he takes the trouble to clean me up and brush my teeth every morning unfailingly. 'You treat Toto better than you treat our Children!' Mummy Alice would chide.

Oh, yes. I am that very dog who is unfortunately the subject of too many lame jokes. Tell me to bestow you with 6 numbers for the Singapore's lottery game (aka Toto) and I will ignore you. Tell me you wanna buy a dog and name him '4D' and I will sneeze in your face. But well, at least 'Toto' is much better than times when Y decides to call me 'TOTO LAI AH GOU' for no rhyme or reason.

I am that dog who loves Sundays because that is when I will go to Kent Ridge Park for my afternoon run without interfering people demanding me to be leashed. I am that dog who barks when the door bell rings, even when I am outside the gate with Y who is ringing the bell. Boy, I hate that damn bell. I am that dog that leads any visitor to my snack cupboard and whines till I am fed. I am that dog who sleeps under Y's bed every night and acts as her snooze alarm after her actual alarm clock goes off. I am that dog who enjoys hide-and-seek and tug-of-bones games. I used to chase after balls madly but now I think I am too mature for this stuff. I scoff at Y and Lina (our domestic helper) when they try to cajole me to play ball nowadays. Who do they think they are kidding? All they do is make me run up and down like a monkey, then they laugh evilly themselves. Sheesh.

I am that dog who goes into an excitement frenzy when I hear the words 'Walk walk!' or 'Car car'. I get melancholic when Y tells me she has to 'Go to School'. That means I will be alone with Lina for the rest of the day. :( I am that dog that stands guard at Y's bed when she is asleep or sick. Anybody who visits her has to be surveyed by me. I will snap at anybody who hits her, even when it is only for fun. Grrr!

I howl when the Karang Guni man beeps his horn every morning. Sometimes, when I am lazy to run downstairs to bark at my fellow canine friends, I hop up Y's bed and bark from the windows instead. Passers-by throw me queer looks, but I don't really care. When I am naughty, Y will take the dreaded remote-controlled car from above the cupboard. That scary bugger emits the strangest sounds and moves around on its own! I swear that car has a mind of its own and has its eyes set on getting me. I scoot away immediately each time I see it. I tell ya, it is the scariest thing I have ever seen.

But frankly, I am no scaredy-cat. If my mistress needs comfort and unconditional love, I am that dog.


Blogger manniqueen said...

Nice!! :)

I like the doorbell part...cos Chester is like that too, even when both of us are on THE OTHER side of the door.

I suppose they must really really hate the blood doorbell.

4:52 PM  
Blogger manniqueen said...

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4:52 PM  
Blogger manniqueen said...

tag others to do it!!! then get back to me so i can add on to the list.


Toto's meme already added on my blog, first one!

5:10 PM  
Anonymous cs said...

Very well written, autobiography of Toto's life so far! I initially thought you may have left the howling part, saw it towards the end.

Also, you have forgotten to mention his arch nemesis - aka the Jack Russell breed.

Hate to be a wet blanket, but u should have included some of his bad points.

1. Antagonizing other dogs by deliberately peeing just outside their house and trotting away arrogantly while the caged dogs barked away fiercely.

2. Will bite playfully if forced to run too much/do repetitive stuff.

Still, despite these little shortcomings, I adore Toto!

11:48 AM  

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