Sunday, September 03, 2006

Too Much Hilariety

Sandy wanted to treat Samantha and me to Wild Rocket at Mount Emily. Much to my dismay, it was fully booked. We ended up at Sushi Tei inside Paragon because the poor birthday babe was weighed down with flowers, presents, books and cake from Bakerzin. I always welcome sushi joints as long as they carry my Ika, Amaebi and Salmon Sashimi. I am a simple girl to please, tee hee.

The beautiful birthday babe

We carried on the night's celebration at Wine Bos, together with Shuling and Eugene. The night ensued with much, much hilariety. I laughed till I cried and my stomach ached. It is quite difficult to describe the utter hilariety of it all. You have to be present to experience the stupid card game which must have been invented to test the reaction of half-drunks.

Shuling, our resident alcohol-intolerant, was her usual self. After a glass or two, plus her prior alcohol consumption at earlier office commitment, she gave up on the game and decided to snooze soundly on the plush seats.

However, to our amazement, she was still conscious sufficiently to awake every now and then to make real intelligent comment. When Sandy commented how Shuling's absence from the game rendered her as the next 'loser', Shuling suddenly shot up and went 'Oi, you don't like that say me hor!' before plonking back to sleep.

When I asked the waiter to take only 3 glasses for our new bottle of port wine, she woke up again and went 'Oi! I also want to try!'

All in all, the card game was goddamn ridiculous and funny. We had quite a blast!

Soon, after our fourth bottle of wine was ordered, the birthday girl began to feel nauseous. It got worse subsequently and we decided to head home at about 2+ in the morning.

Believe me, I was in the most percarious situation, seated between two nauseous ladies, running risk of being puked upon in the long journey home. It doesn't help when there is an unsympthetic and unhelpful Eugene seated in front, turning over to ask us to pose for photographs in the hind seats.

Samantha termed me 'the toilet escort' of the evening for my frequent trips to the washroom area with Sandy and Shuling for their regurgitation of the damn alcohol. Tsk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

woooo the birthday gal is looking fabulous. *hoot hoot* :D


11:03 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Eh, don't nose bleed leh.

10:37 AM  

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