Sunday, September 10, 2006

Exploring the East

Since I moved to Holland area, my hangouts are mostly confined within town and the Western region (unless I have possession of the car or attain some kindly chaffeuring services). Yesterday, a group of us planned an expedition to the East, specifically the Coast, a place where we have quite neglected recently.

We started out the typical East Coasty way, that is, to rent a bloody bike (or blades). The whole park was simply teeming with roller-bladers, cyclists and people. I was reminded of my distaste for this public park on a weekend. Crowds. Mmm. I am anti-crowd kind of person, explicating my preference for ulu parks such as Kent Ridge and Labrador, where there are no people to wag fingers and chide me for not leashing Mister Toto.

Anyway, we rented our bikes and rode towards this mini jetty towards Fort Road where I enjoyed watching uncles flying some very powerful kites. It was quite entertaining, really. Or maybe, I am just getting old so I actually enjoyed watching it.

After making a detour at the dead end, we rode towards Bedok Jetty, which was overcrowded as usual. We veered off slightly from the jetty, found some nice patch of grass for us to lay our mat, and settled down for some 100-plus and card games. It was a good, cheap way to while time away, coupled with the beautiful sky and cool sea breeze.

As dusk slowly sunk in, we cycled back dutifully to return our bikes. There was an hour free for every hour of rental. I am not sure if this is the norm among the bicycle shops, but hey, 7 bucks for 2 hours of exercise is quite inexpensive, eh?

The arduous task of deciding where to dine was up next. It can be quite a chore selecting a place, especially in big groups where the majority of people are inclined to quip "Anything, lah." Thankfully, as we were browsing and racking our brains, a friendly waitress came up to us and started introducing the menu in a non-hardselling way. Needless to say, we were sold. I think the restaurant is called Zen, serving up pan-Asian fusion cusine, next to MacDonalds.

Our meal was quite a fine palate, comprising...

Fresh Oysters (One for a dollar!)

A variety of Sashimi

Crispy Frog Legs

Drunken Lobster Soup

Truffle Mushroom Ice Cream

... and quite some dishes more. I like the Oriental Crab Mee sua. Mmm. Thinking about it makes me hungry now.

Amazingly, despite the fulfilling dinner, Alvin insisted on going to Macs next door to get his dosage of french fries.

Here, he displayed how he could get rid of his double chin should he consume too much french fries.

Finally, we strolled down the beach with some drinks bought from 7-11, put the mat to a good use again, and sleepily lounged around for some lazy games. The games did quite an excellent job of waking us up and tickling our funny bones.

So, the moral of the story is, invest in a good picnic mat and perhaps, some speakers for your ipod for a nice cheap way to while your Saturday away. :)


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