Friday, September 15, 2006

Puppies for Adoption!

Hey all. My uncle came across a litter of puppies while on his night shift as a taxi-driver and dropped the troop of little cuties at my house.

If anyone of you is interested in adopting them, please drop me an email! Thank you. Thank you. Or at least pass the word around. Your bit of assistance will mean alot to me!

There are five of them. Most of them look like Jack Russells to me. My neighbor said they will probably grow up to mid-sized wolf Russells. Right now, they are about 8 weeks old, I think.

Firstly, introducing Brownie!

Brownie's head is entirely a shade of chocolate. She is mostly interested in sleeping.

Next up, I'll call her Diamond because Shannon says she has a little diamond print on her forehead.

She is quite feisty, bravely trotting along and playfully dodging Mister Toto.

I'll name the third cutie Jackie because she looks like a typical Jack Russell. Shades of brown and white.

Fourth puppy is called Jackie No. 2 because she looks similar to Jackie , and of course, for the lack of creativity in conjuring names on my part.

Last one is my personal favorite because she looks obviously out of place. She is fat, fluffy and resembles Mister Toto! Shannon affectionately named her 'Bao Gong'.

Okay, now, I have to go back and attend to them. I wish Toto can miraculously try to herd them or something. Please help pass the word around! Arigato!


Anonymous cs said...

How about this... U keep the 5 puppies, I get your dog Toto?

1:23 AM  
Anonymous JL said...

Hi ,

So ur puppies still available ?

10:40 AM  

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