Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Adoption Mission

What a hectic, hectic weekend! But the excellent news is: All the puppies have new owners to shower them with love and new homes! Whee!

I was panicking on Friday, not exactly knowing where to go or what to do. It was a mess, really. Thankfully, with the wonderful invention of the Internet and of course, some strange stroke of luck, things seemingly turned out quite fine for now. There was quite an overwhelming response to my advertisement on, my blog, and my plea on MSN Messenger. Perhaps the word of mouth is really a powerful tool. Thank you, once again, to those who help in some way or another!

Fortunately for me, I have a friend like Shannon who knows alot about dogs, puppies and whatsnot and a neighbor named Jeanette who specialized in pet supplies. Jeanette provided me with some fences and together with my brother, they neatly whipped up an enclosure for the 5 little darlings.

On Friday night, someone took home little fluffy 'Bao Gong'. However, his irresponsible actions left me rather shaken and I demanded he bring the dog back the next day. This little glitch in the mission left quite a sour taste in my mouth, and I began to feel anxious about the fate of the little puppies.

I worked till late Saturday dawn, putting up online notices and doing some doggy rescue research, before waking up early to prepare the little ones to meet potential adopters. Before my mum and Lina gave them all a bath, I decided to release them in the garden for some fun, with Toto as the chief herder.

Sometimes, the little ones get into fights...

..and Captain Toto has to come to the rescue...

..and tell the rough ones to bugger off!

Eh, eh, ask you all don't fight already. Don't understand, is it?

Soon, at about 11 in the morning, my friends who are keen to adopt began to arrive. They comprised mainly of Catherine, Cynthia and Cynthia's colleagues. Shannon came with bags of puppy goodies to help with the chaos. In fact, I think we did look like a mini SPCA in action because one of the potential adopter quip "Are you all some sort of pet rescue group???" Haha.

Look how busy my backyard was!

Everyone appeared to have a personal favorite. Each one took a puppy up for loads of cuddles. Catherine picked little diamond and renamed her 'Heidi'. Cynthia picked little brownhead and renamed her 'Twinkle'. Daimler picked the adorable little Bao Gong.

Weighing the puppies!

Shannon the vet, deworming the pups.

Daimler with Twinkle and Bao Gong. All the puppies love him!

Two puppies were adopted by persons who responded to my WhoLivesNearYou advertisement. We interviewed them and made them promise to bring them back for vaccinations. I will call them a week later to update on their progress.

Here is Jackie No. 1 going to her new home. :)

Here is Twinkle, going home too!

My mummy was a great help, feeding the visitors with goodies, mopping up, and telling us grandmotherly stories. Kudos to the Mum!

Sandy dropped by to show the puppies some love too.

Some other random picturesof the little pups.

Anyway, I am amazed at the speedy success of the mission, at least for now. I will check back with the owners to ensure the pups are fine. Probably, we can organize some kind of outing to reunite the siblings? Hee.

The picture below says it all at the end of the day.

Doggone it, I am so exhausted!

But glad, of course.


Anonymous Toukarin said...

Congrats on your successful mission accomplished! =)

(something's grammatically wrong with the above sentence but I shall heck it)

1:22 AM  
Anonymous liwei said...

YAY!! :D

9:35 AM  
Anonymous cs said...

Ooohh... looks like I can't have Toto now. Damn!

11:56 PM  
Anonymous said...

i was so surprised to hear that all the pups were adopted.. super lighting speed.. cos i was calling around for help for fostering or even adoption. Great job.. hope that the pups will live out their doggy lives in the greatest comfort and joy :)

12:24 AM  

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