Saturday, October 07, 2006


Ah, it is one of my favorite festival of the year once again. I always have loads of fun in my childhood during the Mid-Autumn Festival. My neighbors, cousins, friends and brother became instant allies at the sandy neighborhood playground where we gathered to burn candles, lanterns and whatever we can lay our hands on. Afterall, it was the only time we can build a huge bonfire and dabble with fire arts, without our guardians going into a hysterical frenzy.

Ahh. Nowadays, the playground don't even have sand any more! What do you do when the fire gets out of hand? There is no sand to throw over the fire! Sigh. I will be so sad as the traditional festivals and memories slowly dissipate.

As such, I am always determined to eat as many mooncakes as I can before the festival fades away into history.. Haa.

There explicates my enthusiasm in organizing a small little Mid-Autumn soiree in my humble little home.

The group of us met at Holland Village for dinner, before adjourning to my home with a very tidy ration of snacks, beer, and wine. My house was already rather well stocked with chocolate and durian mooncakes. My mother requested a purchase of pomelo to feed the moon.

Uh, right. If the moon feeds only on pomelo instead of mooncakes on this merry festival, I should think the moon leads a rather sad life.

We started the night lighting the little lanterns we bought.

Here are the little smug ones, in charge of the dangerous task of litting candles, risking their delicate fingers being burnt. Ahem.

Let's say hello to some of the pretty lanterns of the night.

Here is Mister Weasel and his big fat nose.

And there is Ultraman who looks super ridiculous. Don't ask me why he has a mouth.

Oh, here is one of my favorite lantern - The Flower Power. I think it actually matches my room curtains. :)

Then, the troop of us started posing with the lanterns. Ahh, I think the lanterns are quite a pretty sight to behold.

After monkeying around, we finally settled down to enjoy some mooncakes and wine. Colin and Lloyd attempted very hard to recite Chinese poems but failed, sadly. We ended up playing stupid drinking card games that involved very guffaw-inducing actions and a very smart way of getting rid of excess mooncakes. Haa.

After much alcohol, the group decided to add to the already hazy and polluted conditions by playing with the sparklers. I do believe a minor reason for the increase in PSI reading today is due to the congregated celebration of mooncake festival. Haaa.

Okay, after about 3 bottles of red wine, 1 bottle of white, 4 bottles of beers, loads of mooncakes, nachos and chips, the group finally left for home at around 4 plus at dawn.

'Twas a fun way to 赏月. :)


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