Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sniffy Snuffy Snoop

Everytime I take the 7-minute saunter to the nearest Dover MRT Station, I have to pass the canal that connects Ulu Pandan to Clementi. During on of my jogs, I saw two Malay boys with a can of paint, spraying very pretty graffiti at the side of the canal. The first thought that materialized in my Singaporean mind was - Are these legal?

Well, apparently they must be. Nobody has seemed to have notified any authorities about it. Maybe the creative artists are authorized to decorate the dull-looking drains. In any case, I think most of the passers-by are appreciative of these eye-candies. Hee.

Ah. Right.

Yesterday was a day of snooping around the newly-minted Vivocity. Basically, I like the rooftop very much. The scene looked like it has been pulled out from the many architectural models I have seen from my brother's architecture course.

Anyway, I caught World Trade Center in the Gold Class cinema. It must be one of the most luxurious movie-watching experience ever, with reclining seats and blankets. There are personal ushers to show you your seats, menus to order food from, etc. I could almost sink into the plush seats and fall into a deep deep slumber.


Anonymous vlazygirl said...

hey i saw that too when i went blading there. brightens up the dreary canal... :p

12:20 AM  
Anonymous cs said...

It looks really pretty and pro from far. Gotta take a close-up look one of these days.

11:51 PM  

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