Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Monday the 13th

There been a drought of posts in the past week because the lazy bug has struck again. The past dearth of writing is also due to persistent bout of misfortune which makes one (mostly me) sian to post, you know.

Anyway, the series of unfortunate events must have come to a peak during my weekly netball routine yesterday. First, one of the opponents used her knee to ram into the side of my right knee (probably accidental). I felt a sharp pain at the side but continued running, nevertheless.

Moments later, I remembered sprinting for the ball. Somehow, I found myself in a few tumbles on the floor, after being tripped by Jane's shoes, consequently ending up with a very, very bad scrape on my left knee. I poured cold water over my injuries to numb the pain and continued playing. The acute agony only sank in as I was making my way home. Now, I can't bend both my legs without acute pain. Sigh.

It didn't help when I return home to seek some sympathy from mum only to have her yell:

Girls ah, don't always go and play sports, run here run there, fall here, fall there, scars here, there and everywhere. So ugly! Later nobody wants you ah.

Right. So much for motherly tenderness. :P

Last Friday was rather unfortunate, too. I brought Mister Toto to join the Doggie Road Race at the Singapore Bull's Run 2006. When we first reached Ocean Building, the skies started to shower torrendously. I called Kingsley's owner, only to discover they were similarly stuck (and probably soaked) under the tents at the Padang). We had no choice but to stay at the lobby of the Ocean Building, being such strange sights for the office crowd to gawk at.

Finally, the rain thinned and we braved a heavy drizzle to the event. All in all, I must say Toto seemed quite traumatized because there seemed to be many dogs who don't seem to like him alot. Ha ha. Kingsley would snap at him if Toto is within one meter radius and Toto, the coward always pretends he can't see Kingsley by looking anywhere but the latter. At the start of the run, some dog tried to snap on Toto too. As if it was not traumatizing enough, a fire-blower entertaining the crowd blew fire at Toto, frightening the hell out of him. It was no wonder he felt he had to run for his life in the entire doggie road race, dragging his poor owner who only has two legs.

Muscle aches, bloodied knees and bruises. Sigh. When will better luck come?


Anonymous Kaiser said...

Hey Toto! I recognize you...we had a brief sniff and alls cool.

Arrgghh....tried your method, but it didn't seem to work for me. After knowing the King for awhile, i am still his mobile bait toy.... ;)

7:13 PM  
Anonymous liwei said...

My mother also like that when I scraped my knee! For days, I avoided stretching out my legs in front of the her. She still saw in the end.


11:02 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

kaiser: oh hello kaiser boy, I heard from Shanni you are a champion dog in agility. You should pass some of your powers to Toto. :)

liwei: sigh... actually netball contactless sport.. but most of them don't know the rules! Keep having contact. The woes of having no umpire...

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Toukarin said...

I think netball is fine... sporty girls are attractive in their own way you know.

But hor... after the knee knock you should have stopped to check lah...

And after scraping your left knee still never treat the wound properly and continue playing...

Must take better care of yourself lah. Else your mum's prophecy will really come true leh.

Better luck will come when you come school do work and have tea. Coz I overflowing with good luck for this week! Heh. =P

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Kaiser said...

Nah...i am just one of the many. Auntie S is just being kind..."Blush"

12:27 AM  

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