Sunday, November 26, 2006

Doggone Exhausted

I am thoroughly, thoroughly tuckered out. I roused myself up in the morning (early by Sunday standards) for a hike with Kingsley and his pals, came home to give Toto a major shower, gobbled down lunch before being whisked off by my folks to the new place for renovation planning. Right now, I am still grimy despite a washdown from Toto's bathing area. Heh. I call this a fermented state.

Anyway, I had fun at the hike (Thanks, Kingsley, for the invite!) and I am sure as hell Toto did so too, except he was really traumatized at the beginning, being coerced into the drain and wading through the muddy waters. He kept attempting to jump up into dry land. Well, he is not quite afraid of water so I have no idea why he tried so hard to stay dry. I figured he must be the prissy gay sort - Did my stupid mistress actually use chlorine to sterilize these waters first? - of dog.

Mmm, I haven't been here before, have I?

We were trekking on a biking trail, trying the best as possible to avoid bikers. Many of them are nice, some muttered 'Thanks', some garbled compliments about the dogs. In fact, only one pudgy fellow (who probably has a perpetual wedgie that makes him soooo grumpy) had loads to rant about the canines despite my profuse apologies. Sigh.

Making way for the bikers!

We journeyed down the slippery slopes and up the grassy hills...

.. with a rest stop or two in between for quenching sips of water. Mmm.

Rest stop also means there is ample time for....


...fratenizing with fellow humans in hope for more treats... (Cheapo!)

...and checking other doggy friends' butts.
Mmm, I wonder what shampoo he uses...

We had a long intermission at this beautiful quarry place. It was such a pretty sight in the concrete heavy Singapore. The open field was additionally a heaven-sent to the canines who wasted no time bounding away.

It was also a good time to get Toto to pose. Toto is actually quite an expert in posing for photographs, as long as there are no potential hazards beside him.

But if you think it is that simple to get a still shot of him, think again.

There are distractions, too... like...

...look to the left!

(I bet he was thinking if he should run for his life, teehee.)

..a certain white capped heckler.. :P

As usual, it couldn't be a rest stop unless there are kibbles, right?

There are tickling moments when some ladies decided to demonstrate their iron strength. My, my, look at their biceps!

After a few more portraits of Mister Toto...

.. we finally trekked our way out into civilization.

'twas a good way to spend a Sunday morning. More photos over here.


Anonymous Kaiser said...

Glad to have met you Mister Toto. You look strong sturdy indeed. Hope you enjoyed the morning walk as much as i did. beware of the perilous white capped heckler before you pose next time. You would'nt want her near you.. :)

12:20 AM  
Anonymous kingsley said...

the pictures are ssososos funny!!!

i really enjoyed it.... and glad that you came too!!

till the next time!


12:37 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

kaiser: I think Toto likes the white capped heckler. He is just afraid of her bodyguard. :P

kingsley: hee, if you want to original sized pixes, drop me a mail! :)

9:43 AM  
Anonymous cs said...

Where's this place? Looks cool to kick a ball!

6:42 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

eh i don't think its possible to play ball there though...

9:40 AM  

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