Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Odd Shopping

Besides the boxes of cute japanese snacks and rice cakes I grabbed from the Narita Airport during transit, the huge load of the new Dark Chocolate M & M's that is not yet available in Singapore....

...the other huge loads of random snacks for my cousins during Christmas this year, the summer clothes on sale in the cold winter, I also did a fair bit of shopping for odd stuff.

First on the oddity list includes Ice Cream for Astronauts. I bought this at the Milwaukee Public Museum out of pure curiosity. I don't see such stuff in Singapore though. Since I don't think I can ever go to space, perhaps I can try some of the food they consume in space.

I tried some just now, it looks somewhat like this, except mine is Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Chip flavor.

Basically, it doesn't melt if you don't place it in the freezer. However, if you put a piece in your mouth, it will start to melt like and taste like ice cream. It is not cold, though. Henceforth, astronauts must be very sad people. Their ice cream is not cold. Imagine that.

The next odd thing I purchased is a pack of Mexican Jumping Beans. Apparently, the girl who was in the museum with me heard some cackling from a pack of beans at the counter. We read behind the pack and realized the beans could jump randomly and with proper care, could develop into moths. Gee.

Curiosity got better of me, so I came back to consult the google god. According to this site, Jumping Beans respond to warmth and light to get them active. You need to gently shake their plastic apartment to wake them up from their nap, and place them under a bright light for a few minutes. Be patient, they just woke up from a nap and it may take a few minutes for them to begin jumping.

Pretty damn cool, isn't it? I shall bring them to the Christmas family lunch on Monday and watch me become the Cool Cousin of the Year with loads of weird stuff. Muhaha.

Okay, other weird stuff I got include stuff from a luxury pet store at Magnificent Mile in Chicago called Tails in the City. Well, 'tis weird because that is the only 'luxury' store I entered among the big names of Coach, Pradas and whatsnot and whaddaya know, it doesn't sell stuff for humans. I stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the fur-clad well-groomed tai-tais picking out fur coats and diamante collars for their precious pooches. Me? I just bought some gourmet treats for Toto and his canine friends.

Right, the final odd stuff hailed from Victoria's Secret. 'tis odd because I could never ever comprehend why the entire planet of female gender is ga-ga over the items sold here. According to my friend, their services in fitting of lingerie is superb. Yes, the service. But why do people purchase the items over the Internet is beyond me. However, I am guilty of being coerced into commercialism and emerged with a hot pink paper bag of toiletries. Not for me, though. I have an aunt who is crazy over Victoria's Secret. That will be her Christmas present.


Anonymous kingsley said...

I hear my cookies and yummy food calling my name!!!

Thanks Aunty Jellybeano for my treats!

jumping beans = jumping jellybeano?

BTW.. i don't think what you wear should matters.. afterall.. you still smell the same to me!

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Toukarin said...

Shucks. Didn't know you transit at Narita Airport... else can ask you help me buy stuffs.... Hee.

Victoria's Secret sells on the novelty... though their designs are quite refreshing so to speak.

Do I get a X'mas gift for commenting on most of your entries? =P

5:48 PM  
Anonymous cs said...

I thought you finally succumbed to Victoria Secrets!

6:43 PM  

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