Sunday, May 06, 2007

Kranji War Memorial Trek

Yup, so I kena the arrow of sniffing the trail out at Kranji War Memorial for today's trek. This time round, I wasn't as panicky as previously because I have been to these grounds twice before and I actually kinda like the trail.

However, when I reached the carpark, I realized how reliant I was on others to lead the way previously and that I had forgotten where the starting point was!

Thankfully, Toto has better memory power than his klutz of a mistress and scooted through a hidden hole in the bushes. Heh, Toto saved my ass. :)

Trying to recall the past route with Palani

It is pretty funny to see Toto cheonging ahead as if he is very familiar with the route. He kept forging ahead and looking back with a face that says 'Can you please move your butt faster?'

I remembered we used to walk behind some residential houses with a huge plot of forested areas on the left.

But, I don't remember cheonging into the forested areas on the left and Palani was like - Shall we bash in? Shall we? Shall we? - in a very enthusiatic (and sadistic) manner. Last time people got parang leh. I use what? Teeth ah? Hee.

A trail among the tall grasses.

Well, there comes the favorite part of everyone - the descent into the trickling stream.

Posing before the descent...

Squish Squish...

Catherine displayed her pleasure in the cool of the water.

Everyone seemed to be checking out the fishies, tadpoles and other thingamajigs swimming around in the stream. As long as there are no crocodiles, I am fine.

Group shot of humans and doggy butts

Getting down and dirty

Palani gives Suria a washdown at a pretty waterfall.

I was amused when Catherine produced mini durians she has found. They looked like toys!

The route that I remembered seemed to be hampered by a fallen tree...

Eventually, we made it back for a picnic of nasi lemak and mee goreng. Yums.

For more of my badly taken photos, please click here.

Of course, for this trek, I asked my friend, James, who has expertise in photography, to tag along. He had previously helped Toto in taking really awesome photographs at Labrador park. If you are interested in Toto's Coffeebook Pictorial (ahem, ahem), you can click here.

Anyway, some of James' masterpieces...

Pal and Suria

The mischiefs!

Toto watching someone poop.

Up, up and away...

You wanna play soccer?

The one brave canine soul venturing into the unknown.

The one shiok canine in the bliss of cool water.

Showing our glee!

Testing waters...

How shall we proceed?

Group shot by James

Lending a helping hand...

Suria gets stuck!

Ahhh. The wonders of nature!

Next stop - Fairyland!

Well, the woody forested area does give off the vibe of a fairyland and made me want to turn back and greet the subsequent entrants with a 'Welcome to fairyland!'

James took a really intricate shot of a spider, which he claimed was palm-sized. I didn't get to see it because I was at the front of the pack, waving Palani's staff around to ward off any potential spider webs. Haha.

Oh, my lovely hunky dory!

Hor! Illegal durian trade. I tell police.

Durian earrings eh! So cute 有没有?

One by one, down the line...

Well, I could never guess a rusty biscuit tin can be taken that glamorously...

Our well-deserved lunch...

Let's compare whose eyes are gonna pop first.

To indulge in more of James' luxurious and well-taken photographs, do click here! Just don't freaking compare them to mine!


Blogger Luna said...

YL, you lead us the way correctly har.. that's why the route quite short.. haha..

Btw, James's photos are amazing. I love the spider shot, trading durian and many more. But of course Toto watching a dog poo-ed.. haha.. that's funny. can see the brown thing came out =P

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Joy said...

hey YL... great location! thanks for taking us there! p/s: jack says that if the future treks are in the mandai area (or nearby) and you need transport, can tompang our van. then no need to worry about getting lost! heheh! :)

5:04 PM  
Anonymous catherine said...

eh wah lao! i wanted to say HA! u see la u. ur pics suck! when i remembered ur cam was with me for a huge part of the initial journey.

hmmmm... -_-

ANYWAY! great pics from james, great memories of the trek from everyone. yay!

6:43 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

luna: Heehee, yeah the route is quite short, huh? Sorry about that. Hee. It took about an hour and 20 minutes... and yeah, you can actually see the poop coming out halfway... gross!

joy: haha, i meant i was lost in locating how to begin the trek lah. I had no difficulty locating the car park although the first time, i almost drove to JB.

catherine: Hannah. So crap leh you. Half the photographs taken by you okay. HA HA! Still wanna say me. Bleah.

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Joy said...

nono... i meant, no need to worry about getting lost in the jungle if you need to return the car early. hahaha :)

11:31 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Oh haha! Wah eh so nice! Thanks thanks! Next time I need ride, I will buay paiseh. Maybe go pulau ubin might take longer huh.

1:06 AM  

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