Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jinxing Gene

Apparently, my brother is seemingly cursed with the jinxing gene as well. I remembered one match few weeks ago whereby Liverpool thrashed Arsenal unbelievably with a score of 4-1. Hence, when he returned home from his pak-toring, I hollered excitably to him.

Me: Eh! Liverpool so li hai leh. Win Arsenal by such a huge margin.
Bro: (Glumly) Yeah..
Me: Eh, you never watch ah? (Cos he gotta go pak tor mah)
Bro: Aiya, everytime I watch, Liverpool sure loses.

He sounded really bitter for missing out the exciting match then.

Anyway, last night, as I was consuming my late dinner, he declared he was going to bed early so he can awake for the Liverpool-Chelsea match at 2 am.

So, it is no surprise that the final score was 0-1 to Chelsea.

Oh, the horrors! The jinx is in our genes! =O


Blogger my words have a voice said...

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2:29 AM  
Blogger chern san said...

I watched it with your bro, rooting for a Liverpool win to set up my dream final. Alas, it did not happen. Better luck for the 2nd leg tom nite.

What happened to your lousy dog? Must be so comfy with the new environment that he didn't even detect my presence. Oh well...

9:45 AM  

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