Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lazy Saturday

Ah, you know, I am starting to feel like I am some sort of vacation at my own home.

On Friday night, Jane came over to lounge by the pool with some wine. I wanted salami to go with the wine, but Alvin couldn't get them. We ended up with bak kwa he purchased from Bukit Timah, which complements pretty well with the wine, I must say.

I started the Saturday morning playing tennis with Andy and my brother. The sun was scorching, but the game was good. We had a good sweatout, adrenaline rushes and plenty of laughs.

We finally ceased the tennis session at noon because the heat was simply unbearable. I think we consumed 10 cans of 100 plus between us. Andy was like 'I am going into the pool after this man.', much to my surprise.

Me: You bring your swimming things meh?
Andy: Ah then, I took a bloody cab from Serangoon.
Andy: So I better make it worthwhile.

Right. So, I decided to fish out my swimwear and join him at the jacuzzi as well. It was my first time in the pool and darn, did it feel good in the scorching weather. The jacuzzi did help sooth my sore muscles. Come on, Jane, we should bring wine and sit in the jacuzzi, instead of beside it.

Anyway, after jacuzzi session, we were good to go for lunch. Rail Mall's Hooked is a pretty nifty place for food. Its menu has an appetizing variety, so much that I went back with the girls for dinner in the evening. Yums.

Hooked on fishy

My palatable dinner

The afternoon tennis session with the girls didn't really materialize for me since it started pouring the moment I put on my shoes.

As Sandy proceeded to Zouk's 16th birthday bash, we played mahjong instead with Weixiang and Liyang. Well, this is the first time I am playing mahjong while consuming red wine and I must say, it did cloud my thinking for some moments. Hmms. Salami and seaweed helped keep me awake though.

At the end of the night, I lost 11 buckeroos. Boo.

Still, 'twas a lazy Saturday spent within 500 meters of my home. Ho ho.


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