Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Bloody Long Post - Part One

Oh, it feels sooooo good to be home, clean, and have Internet connection to the whole wide world! I was back at the old home for the weekend, organizing the Garage Sale@64 Mount Sinai Avenue which was unexpectedly extended till Sunday, and there was no trace of Internet access. Gees.

Anyway, I am no longer a certified moocher because my brother's pal came and set up a security-enabled network for us all. My mooching days are over. I am officially and legitimately connected. Ho ho.

The weekend started with me rushing home from intensive tutorial sessions (due to the Easter Holiday the week before) to my old home for a huge clearing up. Jane and I spent a good hour or two clearing up the humongous mess before I decided to reluctantly leave for Wine Bos with her.

Apparently, she invited a whole load of her friends with an agenda. Hmm. I am, however, not within that agenda. Thus, I am like sipping my wine and watching a show, which is gooooood.

The obligatory shot at Winebos

Now will you just look at the turnout for Jane's exhibition?

Since I have already seen the exhibit, naturally, I was rather disinterested in it. Hence, I entertained myself by fiddling with the camera.

After about 5 bottles of wine and a bloody whole load of 黑芝麻白芝麻 game that Sherwin taught (which is really crappy btw), we headed back to get ready for the Garage Sale.

Well, it is amazing that we are still able to clean, organize, and pack for the sale when we had consumed 5 bottles of wine. And, we did that till we finally retired at 5am.

After about 2 hours of sleep, I was roused out from my slumber by my mum who yelled over the phone 'Girl ah, still don't wake up and start the sale.'

Groggily, I dragged myself out of bed for a hasty washup. Jane followed soon, diligently writing up posters, setting the goods up and such. Sandy, however, was still in deep sleep.

10AM - The start of Garage Sale@64 Mount Sinai Avenue! Woohoo!

Goodies on sale include...

..personally and painfully hand-made jewellery by me!, electronic appliances, upholstery!

..clothes, bags and whatsnots...

Jane, the resident calligrapher was tasked with writing up posters.

Machiam superstar autography session sia!

I, on the other hand, had the unglamorous job of pasting the posters with Shuling. Basically, I was the one who had to jumped into drains undiginifiedly to paste the posters on unreachable fences and algae-infested walls. Whee.

Well, Shuling helped out when there are no drains to be scaled. Hee.

And the customers trickled in.

Salesforce behind Garage Sale@64 Mount Sinai Avenue!

Aren't the salespeople quite the eye-candies huh? In fact, my ang moh neighbor cheekily came in and asked with a twinkle in his eyes,"Oh, I am not interested in anything but I would like to ask if the girls are for sale?"

Jane gets sluggish during lull periods.

Mister Toto, our Mascot!

See! Gotcha! Look who's eating snake?!

On the sidenote, I realized what a deep sleeper Sandy is when I poked her for the umpteenth time for a price of her good and she was completely oblivious. I tried to influence her subconscious thoughts by whispering 'Sandyyy, give meeeeee alll you moneeeyyyy.', much to Jane's disgust (I think she is quite exasperated by my wittiness hor, Jane). But in my defence, Sandy did wake up and ask me "Eh, did I owe you any money?" Ho ho.

In the late afternoon, my dog-trekking friends, Joy and Jenny arrived as well, albeit without dogs. I was so looking forward to having dogs running around my garden! Sigh.

Pal attempts to wrap Jenny's head with a beanie.

He also contemplated stuffing Jack into a sexy green tube, or even this black leather skirt below.

Well, it could be possible a few years ago because Jack retrieved his photographs from his van and showed them off to me. Woah, very handsome wor. Okay la, Joy, no offence. Last time, very handsome. Now, handsome. Hee.

Jenny and Pal attempts to fish.

Joy attempts to compete as well.

Well, apparently, Pal is so good that he outfish the girls. In the end, he has no competitors to play with except himself.

Mum suggested I extended the Garage Sale till Sunday because some of the customers did request to return the next day. Unfortunately, that would mean I have to miss out on a recce trek at Kent Ridge Park I initially planned with Joy. Sorry guys! I am sure to be there next week, ya? Plus two more canine friends to boot, how's that for compensation? :P

Alcohol is the lubricant for the mind. So how can we not have some red wine while planning and discussing for next week's trek, no?

Jervais arrived shortly with loads of alcohol and mixers. He also gamely performed as a mascot for the sale with Jane, since Toto is officially out of action as my mum scooted him home.

Everybody is addicted to the fishing game!

Jane attempts to eat her catch of the day.

Oh my goodness! Uncanny resemblance!

Catherine arrives with Heidi to join the crowd.

After a hard day's work, we all deserved a good dinner.

Dinner was easy-peasy delivery of pizzas, plus shots of Bailey's. Everybody brought alcohol and I was alarmed at the end of the night as I was clearing up to realize that, instead of depleting the house out of its junk, I ended up with more alcohol than ever - 2 more bottles of red wine, 1 unfinished Bailey's, 1 unfinished Absolut Peach Vodka and 2 spanking new bottles of Peach and Citron Vodka.

And the party began!

Ha, this is part of the 黑芝麻白芝麻 game that we learnt yesterday.

Apparently, nobody likes to play with me except Jervais. Everybody just chooses someone else to play with. Boohoo. It is a conspiracy. They don't want to let me play so that my skills will deterioriate and I will suck at it. Right?! Right?!

Sugar and spice, and everything nice.

Jane, Jane, Jane. Why can't we pose demure and proper like the rest of them girls? See lah, three of them smiling sweetly and two of us making faces. Sia shuay, you know.

We started our drinks during dinner at eightish and we rounded of the night at twoish. It was hilarious with priceless moments where Samantha and Shuling spouted the funniest shite.

For instance, to the category "Names starting with Q"
Random person 1: Queenie.
Random person 2: Queen.
Samantha: Quack.

Everybody paused.

I was like 'You know what, Sam? If you called your son Quack in future, I will drink this whole bottle for you."

You have to be there to understand it. Really.

Everyone finally left at about twoish and I swept, mopped and washed. Whew! In my decade of staying in the house, this was the first time I was really alone in the whole house, without my dog nor anyone else. It was just me and the house. At the moment of realization, I felt rather nostalgic.


Anyway, more about happenings on Sunday's garage sale in the next post. For more photos, click here!


Blogger Jing said...

1st of all,
I wasn't impressed with your wit - i was disgusted by it!
making faces is our forte isn't it. Ha.
well it's normal to feed a bit nostalgis babe, after all, u lived there for a good 10 years! Ur new place's fine too!

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