Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Birthday, Korrrr!

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's ASTROBOY!

Yeah, the guy above, with the astroboy hairstyle, who used to wrestle me, provoke and bully me, drew pictures of scary vampires in my exercise books, drew moustaches on top on my photographs, has finally turned a MAN at thirty. He is not really invited to read this blog, but for this entry, I am just gonna holler to him 'Yo, brother, look. I blog about your birthday okay' and I predict he will just roll his eyes and go 'Rigggggggghttt.....'

Anyway, I have gotten him his tennis racquet! I almost thought my idea was blown into pieces when I received a SMS from someone who informed me that he got a tennis racquet for my brother as well. It turned out (thankfully) to be an April Fool's Joke, even though April Fool is over. Very funny, not!

So, the birthday boy got his loot and was excitably swinging the racquet around. Tee hee hee.


Blogger musette said...

am i mistaken or was this picture taken sometime before? i tot i've seen this one somewhere...

5:35 PM  

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