Friday, April 06, 2007

My Brother is a Power Ranger

My brother just stepped into the room and requested to borrow my sunglasses.

Me: Eh, my sunglasses all damn big one can.
Bro: Har? I can't find mine leh.

I displayed my array of super huge sunglasses for him to gawk at.

Bro: Hmm.
Me: You wearing in the car right? Never mind lar.
Bro: Wah, really big huh.
Me: Yeah, retro what.

He took one hesitantly and put it on.

Me: Woah! Not bad! You look trendy.
Bro: I feel like a Power Ranger.
Me: Which color leh?

There was a pause as we stared at each other deadpan before deciding the conversation wasn't worth continuing because it is getting wayyyy too ridiculous. Yeah, only siblings with the same lame genes as us can talk like this with a straight poker face.

ANYWAY, pictures!

Jane has somehow left her camera with me last night before doing a completely magical disappearing act. So, I am doing the job of the uploading today. After that, I am gonna sell the camera. Woot.

On Wednesday, we started off the night at this strange place called The Clinic. I think the place is for kids. Who the hell gets amused by drinking from syringes, blood bags and such?

Oh wait, maybe Yap does.

In fact, he likes it so much he is gonna inject all of the contents.

Here we are, pretending to like the cough-syrupy contents.

Last night, seemingly the whole world was at Zouk. I met the girls at Winebar and we started the night pretty early. We had rounds of watermelon martinis, lychee martinis, apricot brandy and red wine among the three of us.

My woozy babes.

Ah, and Eugene, our decade-old JC friend came along. Apparently, Sandy dreamt that Eugene was mean to her.

So how about a peace-making picture?

Eugene and me

Subsequently, the crowd got bigger.

Cynthia brings along her gang...

Sandy, you realized you are finally outnumbered as a Crescentian?! I had enough of those days when I was outnumbered!!! Haa.

Three Cedarians and a Crescentian. Ho ho.

After the woozy sensation kicked in, Jane and I went exploring the grounds of Velvet and Phuture, leaving Sandy with Eugene and his guys. Velvet was bustling but Phuture was rather sparsely populated...

..which explains why we weren't embarrassed to take silly photos like this.

Subsequently, we joined some of Jane's friends at Velvet for drinks and games. Unfortunately, I don't seem to remember any of their names, or even their faces. I must be getting old.

Adrian's Friend No. 1 and No. 2

You know, clubs are so badly litted with loud music. You can't freaking hear whatever the other is saying and after repeated attempts to get the name, I mostly just go "Ah, yeah, whatever." And, I bet they all look different when the lights come on so I wouldn't recognize them anyway.

You shoot, I don't wanna see.

Showing my girls some love

I honestly think I went round the night with this pistol gesture. Strange.

Alamak, too many pictures to post. If you wanna gawk some more, just click here.

This morning, I woke up to find an avalanche of unread smses. Some were from the babes who disappeared suddenly. There were others from a friend who apparently tapped Sandy as I was blindly leading her out home. Subsequent messages were sent to reprimand me for leaving without saying goodbye, and to aim at eliciting sorrow and guilt. Sigh. I am just so fuckin' jaded.

Anyway, what a bloody long post. Timeout.


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weixiang looks so pale!!!!!
is this how i'll look when i start working? :(


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