Sunday, April 22, 2007


Oh, I'm all tuckered out, even after a 2-hour nap in the early evening.

The Lorong Lada Hitam Trek was exhausting, especially when Palani made me lead the way when I haven't the slightest idea how the terrain is like. I bet the rest of the people following my tikam trail were cursing me silently. Heh Heh.

We are going on an adventure, babyyyyyyyyy!

Me: Got parang for me to chop a not?
Pal: Don't have lah. We don't believe in hurting the nature.
Me: Eh, got map a not?

Pal hollered to Jenny and realized there isn't a map as well. Haa, well if it isn't the blind leading the blind. I think I am 'blinder' because I haven't even stepped into these premises before, whereas some of them have already been there on their initial trek.

Anyway, I guess it is actually quite hard to eke a trail when there are people with different interests. Some are adventurous (or shall I say sadistic :P) who likes to ensure there is submersion in water, some are relatively safer and prefer their feet on dry land. Although I do sometimes wish my feet were drier, the truth is it always seems more fun taking the difficult route retrospectively.

Thankfully, I have a little cutie called Russell as my assistant. As one group of them walked the drier route, Russell was egging to plough on in the muddy waters ahead with me.

Here he is, enjoying a cool soak with the canines.

Flash me a victory sign boy, I said. And he gamely did.

I bet in the above picture, Toto is frantically trying to swim away from Choco. For some reason, Choco has made Toto his sworn enemy, so much so that Toto has entirely abandoned his humping partner, Suria. Choco must have detested Toto a whole load and he left a big bite bruise on my thigh when I tried to pull him off from chewing Toto's fur off.

See what jealousy does? Tsk tsk. Toto should look for a new humping partner.

As we emerged from the vegetation, we found ourself at a pleasant water spot which Palani labels as a pond. Looks more like a man-made canal to me, though.

Foam Party!

Our resident photographer babe

Pal, always ever ready to provide canine showers.

Waterspots usually mean a time for a break. That usually translates to a session of photonarcissism, doesn't it? :P

Catherine and Heidi

Mister Toto and me

Uncle is an expert in sniffing out shady spots.

My socks are supposed to be white.

Look out! A hunk and a babe.

After that, we proceeded on and on Palani's instigation, I tikam-ed a trail uphill which turned out to be furnished with very dense vegetation. As I glared incredulously at the dense vegetation ahead, I am really anxious that the people behind are gonna stare me to death if it was a dead end. Thankfully, Palani was able to trample a route out. Haa, he did reveal he was worried himself it that dense vegetation were to continue. Fortunately, we were able to emerge on to the track once more.

If I hadn't wore my track pants, I bet my legs would now be garnished with cuts like my arms are right now.

Did I mention ice-cold tissues are such a godsend in the scorching weather?

Toto shows his pleasure.

The troop of us made our way back to the army training shelter, where we celebrated Suria's, Luna's and Jewel's birthdays.

Suris is so funny! He stood up and looked as if he is checking out his presents.

Hmmm, how come my bone looks smaller?

Food, glorious food!

The birthday boy and girl

I wanna eat cakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Oh yes, let's not forget the other birthday girl!

Well, I had a good time and I bet Toto is thoroughly spent as well. He didn't even have the energy to beg for kibbles at the dining table just now. He looks much happier than he was the night before, when he was moping around as we played mahjong.

Ever so frequently, as I sit at my desk to work, Toto would dig his way through under the table such that his big fat snout sits on my lap.

Won't you play with me today, please?

Right, on other irrelevant news, taking silly pictures has become our forte.

Trying to play ahhhhhhhh jia! with the curtains


Blogger Luna said...

You were a good leader. The dense vegetation made the journey more exciting.. haha..

Toto sure will be an expert in 'siam-ing' technique soon.. like me.. haha.. Hey, I think I look cute in that photo with party hat *blushing*

10:49 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

huh... i think alot of others cursing me silently!

haha and yeah i think you looked really cute with your hat too. Showing off all your sparkly fangs with your dazzling smile!

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Joy said...

hey! you managed to get some nice pics. all my pics came out weird. it was a fun trek. i almost dropped dead when i got home - short but really tiring.

oh and thanks mister toto for the presents! the 2 doggies are smelling really nice now :)

7:38 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

maybe the sun was exhausting us out. I have huge-ass bites on my shoulders. my friends were aghast when they saw me today! hmm must remember insect repellent the next time...

haha i fell asleep shortly at 11pm right till 8 the next morning! Too tired.

10:53 PM  
Blogger eha said...

say, you still look as good as ever :) oh yea, long time no hear (actually it's read) you mention JB. remember those times you will blog that you went JB with your friend (i think it was before you flew over to US). *shrugs*

sometimes weird things just popped out of my head. it could also be you are too busy to go :P

oh don't mind me.

6:34 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Hahaha, yeah, it's weird you should suddenly mention JB. I haven't been there since.. er.. last year I think.

12:25 AM  

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