Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Social Adventures

I made my way to Vivocity early in the morning to meet Ruth, a lady who is involved in the Pop and Talent Hub (PaTH) social enterprise, for the discussion of a web site I agreed to help them set up. Apparently, this enterprise, fronted by Elim Chew of 77th street, provides a channel for the talented or the underprivileged people to showcase and sell their handicrafts. They hope this establishment can inspire the young to give and care for others. Just about anyone can set up a stall at the market, as long as they do it for a social cause.

Although the meeting time was scheduled for 1pm, I was unwittingly tricked by Jervais to come early, only to realize I have to help him hang the paintings up. Crafty, eh?

Well, not that I mind, really. Some of the paintings are really pretty, with the most amazing kaleidoscope of colors, especially the ones done by this girl with Down's Syndrome called Fern Wong.

I returned home in the afternoon and decided to bring Toto to explore the nearby Bukit Batok Nature Park, despite some people's kind warnings about supernatural and crimes.

So, what's my verdict?

I like it! This shall be our subsequent hangout instead of Kent Ridge Park which was nearer to my old home. Ho ho! I think Toto likes it too.

The only grouse is that the trail kept going uphill at the start. Stairs, stairs and more stairs!

Hurry up leh, why you so slow one - says Mister Toto

After both of us panted our tongues dry, we reached a lookout point that displayed a pictureque view of a quarry.

Toto takes a break.

We, or rather, I, decided to make our way up to the WW2 Memorial.

It was rather disappointing, though.

The Bukit Batok Memorial is just a copper book monument. Yawn.

Anyway, we will leave more exploration and sniffs for other times, won't we?

Oh yes, I have guests this evening to attend to. Some of my college mates are coming for a visit and more tennis sessions. Another of my ex-neighbor is coming to visit on Labor Day. He is so spoilt that he thinks 10 minutes drive is considered far. Rich brats, tsk. says:
lost duckie says:
me! says:
you moved !
lost duckie says:
yeah lor
lost duckie says:
told u already says:
but when says:
i know u were going to says:
but i didnt know so soon says:
where r u staying now ? never say bye..
lost duckie says:
aiyo so near
lost duckie says:
not as if i going to another country says:
where ?
lost duckie says:
bukit timah says:
so far
lost duckie says:
oh come on! says:
v farrr says:
u know i sold my plc too right
lost duckie says:
eh i dunno!
lost duckie says:
u told me u considering says:
foudn a good buyer says:
letting me stay till end aug says:
>1.8 says:
hee hee
lost duckie says:
wah lao
lost duckie says:
rich man already la says:
move out leh, lets get a plc says:
i go visit u on labour day says:
bah we are no longer neighbours says:
so sad
lost duckie says:
come la
lost duckie says:
move here says:
i tell u if i move to parc palais and u go to hk says:
i will go there and virginia tec u ah

That is my hilarious ex-neighbor for ya.


Blogger my words have a voice said...

heh, the point was to get you to understand path. what better way to understand, but to help out? :p

and yeah, i love fern's art. i posted something related to that on my blog, take a read =)

and thanks for agreeing to help! i know it doesn't quite come across naturally to understand social enterprise, and to conceive that justifiable social causes can be something as simple as empowering youths, or stay-at-home mums, towards a profitable venture. it took me awhile too, before i understood its vision.

2:30 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

yessssss sirrrrrrrrrr :P

9:32 AM  
Blogger my words have a voice said...

9:40 AM  

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